Monday, January 12, 2009

Where to start...I'll try somewhere in the middle...but towards the begining

I was standing in the gym this morning around 11am thinking about how happy I am with work...looking around at a tennis player, a mixed martial artist and rugby player...thinking firstly it's great working with athletes looking to improve themselves and secondly it's even better getting to work with so many top athletes from so many different sports.

The thing is...they are from completely different sports...can you think of many similarities between rugby, tennis and mma...despite this...I'm pretty much doing the same thing with all of them...just working on different elements...the tennis player was doing testing to find out what he needs to be doing next, the rugby player was doing strength endurance/conditioning work and the mixed martial artist was doing pure strength different times they've pretty much done everything each of the other athletes were doing.

The reason that I am mentioning this is that I had another team in tonight for testing...and the results were they always are...I always find the funny thing is that 'everyone'...that means you...thinks that they are one is normal...there is no one that is actually 'average' or 'normal'....being able to do 45 push ups in 60 seconds and 5 inverted rows in 60 not NORMAL...being able to do more pull ups than inverted not NORMAL.

So back to the lads that were in this can only do so much...a lot of genetic decisions were made before I got the chance to work with any of them...I would of been happy to let any of the three do any of the others fact...I'd be so happy to do so that I pretty much already have.

Chops the rugby player has done the testing that James the tennis player did and he's also done the strength work that Barry the Mixed Martial Artist did. James has done the same strength endurance/conditioning work as Chops did this morning and so has Barry. some stage ages ago. some stage not so long ago. some stage making an amazing save...which is heaps funnier than deadlifts, pull ups and presses....which he has done often.

The other thing that sets us all apart and which makes me laugh ALL THE TIME is not only that do we 'think' we are normal but we're all simultaneously capable of thinking we are special and unique...let me tell those of you who are athletes reading this...there is no such thing as normal because I've never seen it and you are not unique and special.

Chops, James and Barry all require strength...they all require endurance...and on and on we could go through the various elements of physical performance...the only thing that changes is the relative amounts of each.

Even then...take a look at their testing results...which I'll drag out and post (unless they fail to support my ramblings) and you'll see they are relatively similar...the attributes that enabled Chops to dominate his opposing player on the weekend and for James to defeat his opponent in his last tournament and for Barry to beat his opponents on the mat are not all that dissimilar.

Have a think about it...if you could bench press 1.25-1.5 x BW, do 12+ pull ups under 100kg's or 8+ pull ups if your over 100kg's, if you could do 50+ push ups and 30+ inverted rows in 60 seconds and if you could trap bar deadlift 2 x BW...what sort of position do you think you would be in when you walked onto the pitch, field or court or into the ring? Ask yourself which of any of these targets do you think is impossible? I mean I spoke with players this evening while looking at all their results on the board...different players thought and expressed that they didn't think it was possible for them to hit certain each of these players were talking about different targets...yet there were numerous players in their team that achieved those targets while missing others. Some missed just 1 target...some by a small amount and others by miles. Others missed just a couple and yet others didn't get anywhere near any of them. Yet I don't think there was a single member of that team who if he actually decided he wanted to get all those targets couldn't get them within a season.

More Importantly
I've found a way to utilise my chocolate surplus.

You just need some imagination and flair in the really isn't that difficult.

So frustrated at the much to blog about and so little time to do it. I've been meaning to find the time to make those videos regrading neck strengthening and have not got around to it...I will make time tomorrow...if I do nothing else I'll try to do that. Anyway...6am start this morning and it's 2.12am now...I'm back up at 6.15am (I get a sleep in) so if I don't race to bed I won't get the more than 4hours of sleep a night that doctors recommend and I won't be back tomorrow night till after 10pm again...thank God I get paid by the hour.


Kira said...

I've seen that video of chops before .. but I'm still amazed at how easily he dealt with the uneven load ...

Of all your crash test dummies he's the funniest.

Why are rugby dudes fat? (and powerlifters for that matter?)


garrett said...

cause theres no weight limit for rugby dudes.
Superheavy +105kg powerlifters are fat below that not really

Barry Oglesby said...

Certain positions in rugby require mass. There are more than enough ripped rugby players to make up for the fat forwards :D In fact I'd say that a rugby team has an anverage body fat of about 10% :D

Will Heffernan said...

Kira said...
I've seen that video of chops before .. but I'm still amazed at how easily he dealt with the uneven load ...

Of all your crash test dummies he's the funniest.

Why are rugby dudes fat? (and powerlifters for that matter?)

I didn't even see these posts until just now.

The reason that some rugby players are fat is that to a certain extent they can get away with it...there are a lot of fat, lazy but talented guys in rugby like there are in other sports at various levels. On the whole though the guys that I work with would pretty much be all under 20% at the most and the majority are pretty lean.

Powerlifters the same...all the weight class guys would be very lean...the heavy's are fat mainly because they can be and fatness shortens their ROM in their bench and gives them some belly bounce in their squats...but mainly because bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good and if sewer rat did taste like pumpkin pie....then heavies would definitely eat them.