Monday, January 5, 2009

Testing and Running

What a great combination...that's what some of the lads had tonight anyway.

The testing session was mixed...too say the least as unless I actually supervise and conduct the test it doesn't really mean much to me. There were some good results though worth mentioning...Shaun McCarthy the washed up, weathered and beaten old Australian playing out his retirement here in Ireland put the young bucks in their place this evening with a 137.5kg bench...a great effort for a guy who struggles to tip the scales at 80kg's after his Christmas can only imagine how good he could of been had he ever had a 'prime' time in his career.
Conor Donohoe also astounded and confounded getting 23 pull ups...I'm going to have to post the video because there was a significant amount of debate regarding a couple of the reps that I stripped him of...we'll let the masses decide...and by masses I mean the 20 or so people that read the blog...or more specifically the 5 people who bother to comment. The reason this score was astounding and confounding is that 19.8% of Conor's total lean body mass is located in his traps and I don't remember anyone mentioning in exercise physiology or functional anatomy that the traps were a major muscular contributor to pull ups.

The running portion of the evening was pretty straight forward. The lads did a warm up with a bit of mobility work and dynamic flexibility work then off we (and by we...I mean they) went:

10 second effort, 10 second recovery, 20 second effort, 10 second recovery, 30 second effort, 30 second recovery then the same intervals all over again for a total of 5 times or 15 total efforts in a block. They got a 2 minute water break break and a chance to stretch and recover between blocks and did a total of 4 block in total.
On the whole I was impressed with the effort.

Items of Interest
1. For some reason I am having problems uploading videos onto YouTube....and more importantly I have no idea why.
2. You guys do realise that I go back and edit old posts in my blog don't you? I am going to be doing more of this to clean up and clarify my ramblings from the past because the blog tends to basically be 'train of thought' type stuff rather than planned and structured...not that I think you haven't noticed that.
3. If anyone has specific questions of queries regarding the seminar then email me directly and put 'February Seminar' in the subject line...I get a lot of email and I tend to delete and or ignore a large portion of it until people look like they are getting desperate.


Joel Hallström said...

Depends on what you mean by trapz :) Last time I looked the trapezius muscle was divided into 3 areas...
Big lower trapz = pullups FTW! :D

Will Heffernan said...

Joel Hallström said...
Depends on what you mean by trapz :) Last time I looked the trapezius muscle was divided into 3 areas...
Big lower trapz = pullups FTW! :D
Conor only has Upper Traps...that's pretty much it.

Michael Sullivan said...

23 reps by my count...ghey. anything more than 5 and you are just showing off

Kira said...

If chin over the bar is your rule, then the dude got 24.

Don't be a bastard—Grooduive him his due!


Kira said...

I'm meant to say ...

Give him his due!


Barry Oglesby said...

Which one did you strip him of? I also counted 24.

Will Heffernan said...

The only ones I didn't count were the ones that he didn't get.