Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Well I only gave you 1 out 3 yesterday. You only got the lies...I apologise for that. Didn't get a chance to do the videos of the neck training yesterday.

Barry completed his first repeat session yesterday. He first completed this session in November and made great progress which I thought was worth mentioning.

Weights Block 1 - November 26th
Total = 22 Trap Bar Deadlifts, 11 Pull Ups and 44 Push Ups.

Weights Block 1 - January 7th
Total = 36 Trap Bar Deadlifts, 18 Pull Ups and 72 Push Ups.

So pretty pleased with that extra 14 Trap Bar Deadlifts, 7 Pull Ups and 28 extra Push Ups.

Weights Block 2 - November 26th
Total = 40 KB Squats, 20 Inverted Rows, 20 KB Shoulder Presses (each arm)

Weights Block 2 - January 7th
Total = 52 KB Squats, 26 Inverted Rows, 26 KB Shoulder Presses (each arm)

Another good improvement of 12 extra KB Squats and 6 extra Inverted Rows and KB Presses.

His rowing was off a little...but only a few seconds slower than the first time he did this session. Not too worried about that though as it was his first session back after the Christmas/New Year break so onwards and upwards.

Other News
I received an email the other day and was asked about how James McGee was getting on. Well I promised I would give James more air time on the blog in the coming weeks...everyone knows how I bend to media pressure.
He is taking a well earned rest at the moment but will be back into full on training next week.
He is doing well in spite of my apparently worthless and incompetent coaching having climbed to 576 on the ATP Rankings and having won his last tournament of the season. So considering he only just turned professional in the second half of last year I think he's doing pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Will, I have a question about the blog. Is there anywhere you would like readers to put questions that perhaps dont relate to specific posts?

I have a few questions, but I'm not really sure where to put them.

Maybe you could create a post for daily quetions or something like that.



Angelo Pollice said...

Two thumbs up for barry!