Friday, January 16, 2009

Segregated Sessions

I'm going to have to start segregating some training sessions. I had some complaints from the lads that their performances were hindered because the ladies were making them feel self conscious and more than a little emasculated.

The girls did a mixed session which went something like this:
Lower Body and Upper Body Mobility and Stability
Trap Bar Deadlifting - A few to some reps for some sets.
Box Jumps - Some reps for sets.
Reverse Band Bench Pressing - Triple for sets and a couple of singles at the end just for the craic.

Single Arm Cable Rows (Power Position) - 12 reps for 3-5 sets
Plate Shifting - 3 sets

Setting a new plate shifting ladies record

Good to see Sinead finally achieving something in the realm of sport...I mean playing for your country is great and all but whole teams do that...only one unique individual can hold the plate shifting record.


lylemcd said...

What were those sets and reps again?

Will Heffernan said...

lylemcd said...
What were those sets and reps again?
There really are only 3 set and rep ranges:

A few reps - this covers say singles to 5reps. I know it isn't technically a few but you if you are going to train with me people need to realise that they are just going to have to 'suck it up' and let a few things slide...and yes...when I say a few things I mean they'll have to let up to 5 things slide.
Some reps - which covers say 5 to 10 reps.
Lots of reps - this is anything more than 10...whether you do 12 reps or 15 reps you are really just doing lots of reps...they are the same thing.

Athletes know when they ask me what they are doing and I tell them I want them to do some sets of a few reps of horizontal pressing exactly what I mean...that is either that I really couldn't care because I'm busy coaching real athletes that I do care about or 3-5 sets of say 5-8 reps of DB Floor Presses or Bench Pressing for instance.