Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am in a worse mood than usual

So I thought I would make myself feel better by telling you how shit Barry was before he started training with me and thereby bringing a little cheer into my life at someone else's expense.

Pre Injury Screening Findings and Recommendations
Muscular/Skeletal Findings
1. Left sacroiliac joint dysfunction - This has lead to increased development and tone in left lumbar para-spinals. This has also caused excessive external rotation in his left leg increasing the 'pressure' in his left hip, knee cap, left ankle and left big toe.
2. Stiff left cervical-thoracic junction about C6,C7 and T1.
3. Left shoulder stiff and has decreased external rotation strength...this is probably related to issue 2.
4. Issue with left radio-ulnar junction.
5. Right all likelihood...still broken from a couple of years ago (way to look after your body Barry.)

Recommendations and Treatment Requirements
1. Mobilise stiff left sacroiliac joint and work on glute control and deep abdominal control to get back control of 'freestyling' left leg.
2. Mobilise left cervical-thoracic spine and begin neck strengthening work.
3. Improve left shoulder external rotation strength.

Isokinetic Strength Testing Results
Right Quadricep = 294%
Left Quadricep = 292%

Right Hamstring = 143%
Left Hamstring = 140%

Right hamstring to quadricep ratio = 48%
Left hamstring to quadricep ratio = 48%

*Brief explanation of results...I usually look for a quadricep strength of 250% and hamstring strength of 160% at an absolute minimum acceptable value...below that and I'm surprised that athletes had the strength to even kick off their sheets in the morning.

So Barry's quadricep strength was good...his hamstring strength is in 'man off the street' strong...not athlete average.

I think a good athletic hamstring to quadricep ratio is around 70%.

So Barry has a lot of work to do to ensure that I don't look like a complete idiot or maybe I should say...more of a complete idiot.

We'll retest not long before he next fights to see if his entire training program has been a complete waste of time...thankfully...he couldn't be much worse.

That made me feel better already...I'll thank Barry tomorrow.

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Barry Oglesby said...

Hey I don't recall giving my permission for this!

The wrist I broke has almost no flexibility which is actually an advantage as it's like the end of a baseball bat now. You know those strength balls? The gyro balls you spin? I can do those on one hand but my whole body has to move when I do the other one. Apparently it's "hilarious" looking.