Friday, January 16, 2009

Comparing apples and bananas

willwayland said...
hmmmm $1000 +$500 flight dorrars to spend a week with joe defranco?

or a €105 and a short drive down the country? does that €105 include the magical Ireland markup?

Thanks for the comment and you have a very cool name by the way.

With regard to the whole Joe DeFranco thing....why would you want to spend 10 times as much on an IMITATOR when you can have the real deal right here...I mean Joe's most famous bloody program....the ONLY thing he's famous for is Westside for Skinny Bastards....and where did he get that from....that's right...he ripped it off Westside Barbell.

Joe thinks just because he has outstanding success year after year and because he produces fantastic athletes and has an amazing business and love for what he does that people will just brush over the fact that he thinks he's better than me...he thinks he can keep me down just by holding it over my head that he has a Poliquin Certification and I haven't. It just ain't going to happen.

I already outed Joe for what he is in the Joe DeFranco is rip off artist post...but if you want more proof have a look at this:

On January 10th...I post this video of ROK doing some Box Squat Broad Jumps

This was posted on the 10th of January.

The very next day....obviously after another night of pouring over my blog Joe posts this video....

This was posted on the 11th of January.

Does this exercise look familiar to anyone who trains in the facility? I mean there's athletes who've had this in their program at least since last summer.

It is sad really...I mean...I really should of just let Joe take a would have been far less embarrassing for him.

Actually though the reason that I am only charging €105 and only taking 15 people is because I want the $1000 for Joe and $500 for flights so I can go to one of Joe's seminars.

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willwayland said...

Who needs a masters degree or UKSCA accreditation when you can be polquin certified...