Sunday, December 21, 2008

A quick update on the lack of updates

Apologies for not being in a position to post anything of late for you all to waste your time reading. Normal service will resume shortly I promise.

I've had too much work to do of late and not enough time to do it...and I know you all believe me when I say that because people should know full well by now that there is nothing I like better than wasting my time updating my blog and generally annoying people on the interweb.

In the news this week:
1. I weighed in last Tuesday at 109.8kg...not that it's news but I forgot to put that in my diary at the time.
2. Haven't trained as well as I would have liked this week but that was unavoidable.
3. Everyone else has trained pretty week things should be quieter work wise so I am planning on doing a bit of an update of where people are at.
4. ROK is still not dead or injured.

I should of got her to hold a newspaper while she was doing these.
5. The weekend presentation/coaching extravaganza is coming together quite well and as I said I will name a date and set it in concrete before Xmas.

I have to get back to work so more news on everything and anything in the not too distant future.


Michael Sullivan said...

I have been watching the video of ROK doing a plank for over an hour. Damn, she is strong. You are a great coach.

Barry Oglesby said...

You're caught out, I carved my name and the date and Baz 4EVA on that power rack the other day and it's not there in that photo. Clearly this photo is from years ago.

Also you were getting more hate on They shouldn't have gotten rid of you after they found out about all of your lies.

Jonathan said...

should have