Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MMA and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

There is a great deal of synergy between MMA and riding a motorcycle. What got me thinking about this was a friend expressing their concern for me with regard to my involvement in MMA. Let me just put something's into perspective here...I spend most of my time travelling day in and day out riding this:

It weighs about the same as much as my max bench...as in...not very much...and puts out about 150hp at the back wheel through a patch of rubber not much bigger than a postage stamp. Compare this to your average car weighing nearly 2 tonnes and with even less power than my bike...and think about what it's like trying to control that car when it is wet and greasy on the road...let alone icy.

Then consider that in Ireland I spend most of my time riding in the wet and at this time of year that wet often turns to ice and you have a certain amount of this going on:

Which in fairness isn't that different to trying to hang onto or escape these:

I won't go on about it suffice to say that after riding my bike in Dublin...which has the worst drivers in general of any city in which I have ever lived or ridden in my entire life...in all different weather conditions which on the majority of occasions are generally the worst imaginable especially in the winter months...NOTHING about MMA scares me in the slightest...nothing about anything for that matter scares me in the slightest...my days riding here in Dublin are just a series of near death experiences strung together by periods of screaming expletives inside my helmet.

The synergies are many though...like the fact that I get the crap kicked, punched and strangled out of me for hours then thankfully get to jump on my bike and ride home in freezing temperatures which is just like having a 30 minute ice bath after training...very handy.

I've also noticed my helmet provides a very good indicator of the head injuries sustained in training. My helmet is an expensive one and if you are not a motorcyclist you might not know this but the helmet eventually conforms to your head and face after you have been wearing it for a few weeks and you've got through the period of riding around feeling like you have your head in a vice. I noticed riding home last night that my jaw wasn't sitting quite right in my helmet...which reminded me to thank Jonny for kneeing me right on the point of my jaw in during training last night.

In other news:
I am going to try to stay at 110kg for the next 2 weeks before losing another 5kg of fat in January. I actually noticed when I was having my skinfolds done the other day that the amount of fat I've dropped is noticeable with regard to the 'looseness' of my skin...to the extent that the person actually doing the skinfolds and the person observing both remarked upon it. I think I just need to give my epidermis a chance to adjust somewhat...I've dropped 7.2kg or 16lbs in a month. I don't have any real rush to drop the weight so if I can do it without making a mess of my body I figure I should. So I am going to weigh in each Monday for the rest of this month at or around 110kg.

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