Thursday, November 27, 2008

You know I don't like to preach

I had a few conversations today that go me thinking...I're surprised and shocked.

1. I was told by another coach that they liked the blog but wondered why I don't actually say anything in it...they miss the point entirely. So let me say this yet another time. There are tonnes of places where you can get much better coaching theory than in this blog. There are tonnes of places where you can get much better coaching practice than in this blog. There are tonnes and tonnes of research journals and on and on I could go. This blog is just 'sanpshots' of my isn't a narrative. I don't want to talk about the theory and I certainly don't want to lecture anyone or try to convince them that I have all the answers...I don't...even when I do lecture or present all I really try to do is to show people the way I am trying to solve particular coaching issues or problems.

So...if you are waiting for me to lay some coaching secretz on you...then you're an idiot.

2. I was asked to by a young and aspiring coach about my thoughts regarding their plans for the implementation of a strength training program for the particular sport with which they are involved. I was trying to protect their identity but to discuss this I need to mention the sport...the sport is those of you that know...will know who I am talking about...the rest of you...don't worry.

This is the variation of handball if you were wondering.

Anyway what they were talking about was a weights routine for this sport...they were talking about including lots of internal and external rotation work, doing weights work to simulate serving and striking the ball etc etc. I'm not going to say that they are wrong...I just don't think it is the way to go for the following reasons.
a) I think simulation is a massive mistake. This is where coaches and trainers try to simulate what happens on the field, court or track in the gym...I think this is really dumb and it gives you the worst of both worlds as far as results are concerned.

b) Coaches and trainers spend way too much time trying to make gym training way too specific way too early for way too many athletes...I think this is really dumb as well.

3. Another aspiring coach was asking me about Barry's training...about the bench testing and how big a part benching will play in his ongoing program. This was another nudge to get me to do what I've been thinking of for a little while and that's to do a piece on bench pressing...the reason being in no particular order...this question about Barry, Lyle's newsletter bit on bench technique, an internet know it all who himself has or had absolutely rubbish bench technique, some guy who at one stage I was open to because even though I didn't know him personally others I did know seemed to think he was good...everything I've by him however...including this little piece by him on bench pressing was pretty much total crap. So it's been bench, bench, bench I'm going to rabbit on about it a little myself...completely in contravention of the very first point I made in this post....what can I say...I'm an enigma.

4. Barry's training and my training...I was asked about this as well do realise that what I will have Barry doing what I am doing has absolutely bugger all to do with MMA or fighting. I'm too fat and too unfit...while Barry is too weak and too out of whack...that's it...fix what is right in front of you first.


Kramyllek said...

I wonder who was inquiring about handball.The mystery goes on.....Will whats your view on the single arm snatch becoming an olympic event?i'm dying to see that happen!!!Maybe you would blog on a specific training program for a great single arms snatch.I must warn you that i am yet to do one!

lylemcd said...

Single arms lifts used to be part of Olympic lifting way back in the day.

Of course, at the rate it's going, when the IOC kicks OL'ing out of the Olympics, they might have to go back to odd lifts

Or the Crossfit total perhaps, I hear they are forging elite athletes.


Anonymous said...


There is only one thing wrong with your blog. That is that there has been no mention of Nate Green or 'Built for Show' this week. I've had to go to all the other guru's blogs and since they ALL have had related posts, Nate Green is obviously THE most important thing in S&C at the moment. The readers of your blog have as much right to be exposed to Nate's brilliance as anyone else. Especially as it seems impossible to get laid without buying 'Built for Show'.

Hugh said...

Kramyllek said...

Maybe you would blog on a specific training program for a great single arms snatch.I must warn you that i am yet to do one!

IMO, and it's just that, an opinion, there are two aspects that that need to be addressed with relation to a single arm snatch.

A sharp extension of the body during the second pull (or pull, if you're starting in the hang), as opposed to a jump. This takes time to get used to but is a key element of good OLing anyway.

REALLY good shoulder stability to get the lock in.

Wrist strength and stability will also be an issue as the weight goes up.

I'm not even going to try to say how one would train for this lift, or how the training would vary from regular OL training.

Training would be different though as to catch the bar at the bottom, as opposed to a power snatch, you need to move your weight off to one side. I'd say this could take a while to master but I've never tried it. I've only ever hang power snatched with one arm ~ 60 odd kg. I've read of guys getting 100+ up to around 115-120kg kinda score but none of those were recent.

I'd be interested to hear how you get on if you try it!!

João Mimoso said...

That's not handball, sorry.

This is Handball:

garrett said...


Kramyllek said...

thats olympic handball!A much more exciting and interesting game.