Friday, November 7, 2008

Standing Invitation

The other thing I forgot to mention regarding last nights presentation is that I was explaining to the attendees that one of the best things they can do with regard to their development as coaches and trainers is to go and see other coaches and trainers take sessions. I was making the point that as much as I love getting paid to talk I equally enjoy crapping on about coaching and training for free. To this end I think I will pick an evening during the week...I'm leaning towards Wednesday's at the have it as an open house night for anyone that is interested in just coming to training for a nose around...whether they be coaches, athletes or just interested parties.

So if you want to come and see training and shoot the breeze and find out what it is all about you can...just drop me an email...I'll then give your name to the doorman and he'll escort you to the V.I.P room where drinks and canap├ęs will be served...actually some of this last paragraph isn't can work out what is and what isn't.

This will be of great benefit to any and all of you interested in internet will be a fountain of information for the haters out there about who I do and don't will be your key to internet popularity.

It will also be of interested in those of you looking to see what athletes are actually doing and to discuss why they are doing it. To get exposure to professional athletes right through to beginners in a wide variety of sports and from the very old (like me) to juniors.

So like I said...drop me a mail and it will be no problem...even if you just want to come down and stand in the corner...that's fine by me.


Kramyllek said...

what athletes do you coach on wednesdays heffer?Have a guess who this is, just interpret the name!

Will Heffernan said...

Kramyllek said...
what athletes do you coach on wednesdays heffer?
It's a mixed, hockey, GAA, really just depends.
Have a guess who this is, just interpret the name!
I can narrow you down to one particular group...but I'm half considering the fact that you might be illiterate enough not to know what you wrote anyway?

Kramyllek said...

well will, if your going to "rag" on me like that maybe I'll keep my identity a secret and sign in as anonymous from now on. Is it the mary's lads?