Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ROK lives...even if the internet says I killed her

You may remember a while back it was reported here on the blog by our friendly neighbourhood anonymous comment was something along the lines of this...that the reason that ROK wasn't mentioned on the blog is that 1. That I had injured her. 2. That she had been stopped by Irish Basketball from training with me. Something along those lines.

Neither of these things is true...well I did hurt her emotionally when I kicked her arse in a push up competition (I'm have to take your wins where you can get them) a little while back.

Anyway...tonight's session went like this:

Bike - 10 mins
1A Over's and Under's - 2x8 each side
1B Hurdle Steps - 2x8 each side
Trap Bar Deadlifts - w/u 2x5 at 60 reps then 5x3 working up to 90kg

Cable Pull Throughs - 3x10
Lower Ab Curls - 3x15
2A Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown - 5x5
2B Push Ups - 5x10
3A Natural Reverse Hypers - 3x15
3B Bicep Hammer Curls - 3x5
3C Tricep Press Downs - 3x5
Rower - 10x150m with second second recovery between intervals...max effort.

Anyway...I just thought you'd be happy to hear that she's still alive.

Nasher, Hugh and Myself did the following:

1A Inverted Shrugs - 2x10
1B Bent Over Scap Rows - 2x10
Swiss Ball DB Press - 2 warm up sets of 12 then 5x8
Chest Supported Rows - The target was 60 reps...I had planned on 4x15 but did 12+3 on the last set
Straight Single Arm Lat Pull Downs - 3x8 each side
Lying Tricep Extensions - 3x8
2A Lower Abdominal Curls - 3x15
2B Natural Reverse Hypers - 3x15
2C Bridging - 3x 45 seconds


Michael Sullivan said...

The ROK of Ireland is lifting her heals doings teh deads. The can lead to serious lifetime damage to her ability to shoot a free throw.

Anonymous said...

probably a body double