Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I think this was a little harsh...

A concerned citizen left this comment on the blog yesterday:

Anonymous said...
I've been doing some research and have found that none of the rugby players that Will works with have aver achieved very much at club level let alone progressed while he has worked with them. In fact he has a history of damaging the careers of players. ask him what happend to Steven Gissing and why he is no longer coaching him? Bad coaching leads to bad injuries. Gissing won't be the last opne to suffer either.

I think if they had actually done some research they would have found that the lads had done pretty well for themselves...I mean I can claim to have produced at least one international player this year...that's something at least...well in all honesty I wouldn't claim it because it is only Cookies...and I don't think any coach would claim that rich knacker. I do have sympathy for him though as like him...my mother showed her love for me not only in affection but with copious amounts of food.

Me coaching Cookies...I may as well be talking to myself.

Cookies using his greatest athletic talent...his weight...to drag some poor bastard to the ground before falling on him...while playing for the good ole US of A.

I did get an email from one player who shall remain nameless...lets just call him Chops.

You can just tell that guy that I am your little success story!! I was a professional athlete for a number of years(I want you to use the word athlete it makes it seem like I was doing something better other then going on the piss and eating out of the "snack cabin" in Rotherham!)then after 12 weeks or whatever it was with you I got 8 chins........video evidence available as well!! also just tell them to go fuck themselves!!!!!!!!!!

I think that pretty much sums up what most of the players would think. Below I have posted chops Pull Up progression.

Here is the first one...

Oh yeah...that's right...he got 0...which was his all time personal best as a professional rugby player...at least he was consistent.

This was his second test

This was his last test

I think that's a pretty good achievement. Now I know Chuck Poliquinn states that any decent strength coach should be able to get a girl up to 12 pull ups in 12 weeks but Chops isn't any ordinary girl in fairness. He had also proved in the past that he was immune to all strength and conditioning techniques.

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