Friday, November 21, 2008

I just thought this an important question

Below is a comment I saw on my Facebook feed by a mate of mine Dave Tate (it says we are friends on Facebook so it must be true).

If Batman took the same stuff as the Hulk would he be stronger? His structure is more suited to deadlifting. YES, I do have these thoughts.

This is Dave a few weeks after his successful arm transplant.

Dave is the big swinging dick over at EliteFTS. They have a great Q&A section over there if anyone want to get proper answers to very specific training questions. A lot of what little I know about powerlifting and strength training I've robbed from Dave and Jim Wendler and the other powerlifters they sponsor and who work with EliteFTS.

Dave actually used to be a powerlifter before he caught the ghey and started inhaling a little too much fake tan....this is actually one of my favourite photos of Dave...I just wish he was a little more bloated.


Michael Sullivan said...

Apparently Surge is highly anabolic.

Romantic0 said...

i preffer the chubbier :)