Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have a new Project

Barry is going to turn me into a better fighter and I'm going to try and turn his anatomy back into some resemblance of what God and or nature intended...because he sure as hell got himself a long, long way from what was intended.

Having guys trying to take your arms off and beat you to death with them has got to take its toll.

I'll give you a brief run down of what we have to sort out from the top down:
Brain...well I really can't do anything about the problems there.
Neck...one too many guillotines I'd say...because it is screwed.
Shoulders...well have a look at this....

See anything unusual here?

He has one stiff shoulder and one hyper mobile one.
Back...he has one side built like Tarzan's and the other side built like Jane's.

I actually was sure that he was a lefty!

Hips...oh my...I don't even know where to start...I could be here all night...suffice to say...we have a lot of work to do...particularly with one very stick SI joint.
Legs...beside the fact that they look like pipe cleaners...not too much of an issue here...he has problems don't get me wrong...but mainly hip related and I think they'll clear up when we get his hip issues sorted out.
...and I almost forgot...he's got a bad toe...and a wrist that I'd hazard a guess is still broken from years ago...but that's the least of our problems.


Barry Oglesby said...

I have one crazy back.

Will Heffernan said...

The visible difference doesn't even really show up on the video as much as it does to look at. I need to post that photo up from the screening. I think it is more visibly pronounced in that photo.

Saturday we'll do what gym assessment we can while we nurse that elbow back to health.

We'll also throw you up on the slab and start getting to work on that neck and hip of yours. Don't be expecting a happy finish at the end of your massage either...actually...you can talk to Conor McPhillips...he had a session on the slab that was sort of a cross between massage and submission wrestling...suffice to say...he gave up at the end...or he passed out...either way he stopped groaning and complaining.

Trust me though...before you next fight...people will be able to see the 'before and after' changes.

Barry Oglesby said...



Michael Sullivan said...

nice arm bar.

Barry Oglesby said...

I was skinny and supple then.

Will Heffernan said...

Barry Oglesby said...
I was skinny and supple then.
We'll get you back there.

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adrienl said...

quick question will
With regards to the 3rd video are we looking for his ability to correctly poistion his scapula when straigthening or just at the general way his muscles sit when straightening. I see the imbalance is the muscles but wonder what the test has over just looking at his back and saying "yep your are one mixed up mofo give me money"
thanks again