Friday, November 7, 2008

I do love the sound of my own voice

I did a presentation on Function Strength Training for Gaelic Footballers for Dublin GAA Coaching and Games Development Department. I really enjoyed presenting and I hope all the lads that attended enjoyed listening to me blather on. It was a great mixed group of attendees with coaches, managers and trainers involved with all levels of Gaelic Football from underage level all the way through to senior level.

As always the presentation was made all the better by the great questions asked by the attendees regarding everything from dealing with athletes with no weight training experience all the way through to managing athletes can I put this delicately...lets just say who are in the twilight of their careers. Along with questions about integrating weight training into a complete season long program. There were also obviously a lot of really specific questions about things such as what training methodologies give the maximum benefit with regards on field particular with regard to acceleration and speed. Any way suffices to say there were a lot of great questions.

The presentation format was roughly as follows:

We started with questions first...I always like to know what the attendees are actually there for...some people attend these things out of general interest in the area while others are there for very specific reason...such as...I am training a Under 15's squad...what do I need to do with regard their strength training.

The first thing we discussed was strength testing. What strength test I do and why I do them.

We covered what these 'in gym' strength tests tell us about our athletes. Most importantly we went through what we do when we have these results.

We went through the basic classifications for strength training...what styles of training are generally utilised and why.

Next on field strength training was covered before we dealt with all the in gym stuff.

We wrapped up with Q&A and as per usual I and the attendees had to be stopped so we could be thrown out after going a good 30 minutes over time.

So What Is Next?
I am going to put together a video series to go with this presentation in particular for the attendees but I will throw it up on the blog as well.

2 Day Seminar
I've decided that no matter what...I'm doing a seminar before Christmas and I'm going to decide on a date this weekend when I make sure that 1. I actually have a free weekend before Christmas. 2. That I can ensure that I have a free presentation room. 3. That hopefully I can secure the bar and food so we can enjoy ourselves on the Saturday night.

Seminar Format
I want to put this out there for suggestions and input...particularly from those who'd potentially be interested in attending.

Introduction to Strength and Conditioning for Athletes
I want the seminar to focus on preparing athletes of all types from all sports and I'm going to deal with everything from the generalities to the specifics of all the sports and athletes with who I work with.

Screening and Functional Movement Analysis
I am going to try and rope in a lot of the sports professionals with whom I work to cover very specific elements like this. Essentially everyone who is attending who is able will have a screening done and also perform them. It'll be a case of learning by doing.

Strength Testing and Fitness Assessment
I am going to drag a large number of my athletes in by scheduling by mere coincidence their strength testing and fitness assessments to coincide with the seminar and once again...everyone who is able will do a full strength test and fitness assessment.

We'll then be able to look at the data we have and use that as a basis for much of the rest of the seminar.

We'll go into what the results mean and how to interpret them as a reference point for the information to come.

Strength Training Theory
I'm going to go through the basic principles of strength training but more importantly I want to discuss what all this theory means in practice.

Getting Our Pump On
As part of all this we are also going to TRAIN...we're ALL going to go through fundamental exercises, focusing on technique and the coaching points important to coaches and athletes.

That essentially will be the Saturday...I think we have a proper catered lunch and dinner and drinks in the bar people can basically come for the day...bring their change of clothes for the night. There is plenty of accommodation nearby so a short taxi ride will be all that is needed to those out of towners. We can get this sorted out when I have the dates sorted.

The Sunday will go something as follows...
Program Construction
This will be an opportunity for me to present my fundamental training theory...the how and why of what I actually do.
We'll then actually design some programs based on ours or others results from the previous day.
We can then examine and critique the various training options that we come up with.

Conditioning Theory
As with the strength training portion we'll go through very basic theory but focus more on the actual 'take home' points.

Getting our Sweat On
This will be acceleration, agility and speed session primarily but we'll also cover conditioning and field based conditioning games.

We'll wrap up with lunch and a good Q&A that will basically go on as long as needs be or until people get bored and start drifting away and I am left talking to myself.

That's essentially my line of thinking at the moment but I am open to suggestions?

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