Monday, November 3, 2008

Dave Tate...I just read this morning...

...I hope he won't mind me ripping this off and throwing it up here...I thought it was apt given the 'anonymous' morons (well actually in truth they are not that anonymous...they don't realise that it isn't that difficult to compare their ip address with other friendly forum hosts and work out who they are...but like I said...they're idiots so they probably never thought of that) posting pathetic attacks in the form of supposed questions.

Dave Tate's post from his log
...excerpt below.

#12 - Ask Good Questions and Give Positive Feedback

How many times do you hear people ask questions, knowing that the people asking just want to hear themselves speak? There are such things as stupid questions. They’re the ones where the people asking don’t care about the answers they’ll receive. Listen in on the next conversation you hear. You’ll hear questions being asked, and you’ll hear people interrupting while the answers are being given.

It makes you wonder why the question was asked in the first place, right? If you really want to learn something, THINK before you ask a question, then listen to the answer. You may or may not like the advice you get, but hear the person out and give them the respect you were after when you first asked your question. And yes, when you ask a question, you’re asking for respect. To interrupt is disrespectful. If you don’t like what’s said, give positive feedback. Unless you’re in a debate, there’s no need to argue your point. Most of the time, this will be a wasted effort. Changing someone’s mind is not easy, especially when you asked them first.

We should all give more positive feedback than we do. I’m guilty of this, too. I have a great staff, great contractors and great volunteers, but I rarely let them know how much I appreciate the work they do. I rarely tell them that they do a great job. In the internet age, you constantly see people getting trashed for things, but you rarely ever see anyone get positive feedback. If you do get any, it won’t be more than 25% of the time. If we – the people who are closest to them – don’t let them know, then who will?

Maybe we all need thicker skin, but how hard is it to let people around you know they’re doing a good job?

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