Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is why I love the internet

Anonymous said...
Maybe it is because reverse band bench press is a joke for non-powerlifters.

That was the last comment left in regard to my last post and it shows you everything you really need to know about the world of strength and conditioning on the internet.

Firstly, that it is full of cowards. A lot of people on the internet refuse to use their own names or identify themselves. I've heard a lot of plausible but completely rubbish reasons for this...none of which really hold water. The main reason for it is because people like to pretend to be something or someone their not on the is their little make believe world and you should be aware of that when taking advice...because what you are getting is make believe advice as well. Like the guy...let's just call him '21inch Guns'...if only because that seems to be the most common name on the internet...who told me on a forum that he was going to 'kick the crap out of me' turned out that he was in Dublin as I was so I told him where to find which time the whole internet almost exploded...all the people on the forum started going insane telling me to 'settle down' and 'take it easy'...see the problem was they all knew that I wasn't playing by internet rules where you can be as tough and abusive as you like from the safety of your computer...I'm sure they were thinking that they would end up being tracked down as witnesses to what was certain to be an incredibly short this stage 21inch Guns started back-pedalling so fast he would of been burning 1000 calories an hour....apparently the person that said he was going to 'kick the crap out of me' was his 'internet persona' any way...what's the point...the point is...unless you a ratting out Big Tobacco or a major Pharmaceutical get over yourself and use your name even if you want to talk complete rubbish.

The next thing you need to know about the internet is that 99% of the people on the internet giving strength and conditioning advice do not have a clue what the hell they are talking're probably doubting my data with regard to the exact number of clueless individuals on the internet giving is actually much higher than 99% but I didn't want to take away all hope. I'll tell you what I see on the internet...let's take the comment above...Maybe it is because reverse band bench press is a joke for non-powerlifters. This isn't even this persons opinion it isn't something they thought of themselves. It's what they've read or heard said elsewhere and the person that they heard it from heard it from someone else and so on and so on all the way back to the original moron who said it in the first place. Hands up who has heard the same thing said about the bench press in general? I've heard heaps of morons say that you don't need to bench press because there is never a time when you are laying on your back pushing weights off your chest out on the time I heard this from a guy who is one of the heads of an Olympic Weightlifting you not see the idiocy in this? Bench Pressing is irrelevant but Olympic Weightlifting is the answer to every sport's strength and conditioning problem? Give me a break.

I could go on and on about this...just watch this clip.

Maybe he should let the guy all the way onto this chest before pushing him off in one smooth motion?

Lock out strength and rapid rate of force development is incredibly important in field based contact sports. So here you have Anonymous wandering the internet fitness boards and sites dolling out pearls of wisdom like reverse band bench press is a joke for non-powerlifters and people actually listen and pay attention to that crap.

Anyway...I have to go to work...I'm willing to bet Anonymous isn't going off to work with athletes...actually...they probably very sad.

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