Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let me tell you how dumb I am...

...I'm so dumb I don't even understand Ian's question.

Ian said...
Are there any intraweb guru's reading this blog...unlikey with only 7 readers...4 of whom are Will's relatives but you never know...who know how to collate the main blog with the comments?

I know you can do a 'feed' of the main blog and have all the blog posts visble in one go but you don't get the comments too.

Someone please help him because I haven't a clue what he's talking about.

Barry said...
Yes I've always wondered how much time these guys coul possibly be spending in their gyms if they had so much time to blog and write articles.

Exactly...people should think more about that when they read some of the rubbish on the web.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on conditioning for short, intense bursts of activity, 5 minutes in length to be exact. I watched Munster vs. Cardiff last week and watched the Munster back line during a passage of play. Between tackling, line breaks and general play, I reckon each one got through a hell of a lot of work in the 5 minutes. It got me to thinking about how we prepare for bouts and that maybe we go about it the wrong way. Subsequent conversations with other S&C coaches have led me to think on it further. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on preparing someone for an MMA bout. I'm forming new opinions myself.

Nice question...I got that feeling I always get when I feel a rant coming on when I read that...I think I might write a piece on know one of those posts where I go on and on about 10 different things simultaneously making little or no sense whatsoever.

João Mimoso said...
Will Heffernan said...
I do these drills on court...with the ball...cmon Mimo...lift your game...I can't come over there and actually coach your team for you.

Yeah. I went stupid for a moment. Thanks a lot, Will. If you want to come and do a guest coaching session, you're welcome to do so HA HA.

I will come do that if you want when I have a free weekend in a month or so.

João Mimoso said...
I'd just like to add that, while there are a bunch of dipshits on the S&C industry( i know some and have been "taught" by a few other), Eric is definitely not one of them. His stuff, at the very least, always makes me think (whatever that means), and is well worth it. I'm a bit biased,though.

I like Eric too...I just hate some of that marketing shit he was in everyone well knows...particularly Eric as I tell him all the time.

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