Thursday, October 23, 2008

Consuming the calorie at a time

I know the blog has been pretty lame this week...I do promise I will make it a blogtastic weekend...have a heap of stuff I want to post just haven't had the time this week.

So as's a fatness update.

Not sure how fat I am percentage wise...maybe Lyle with have a guess.

So 118.3kg today and only a couple of kilograms away from what I think will be my optimal benching weight.

As I said...I've a good bit of stuff to post over the weekend so feel free to all go back to online gambling or looking at porn or whatever else you do on the interweb till then.


Michael Sullivan said...

For some strange reason I suddenly feel better about myself. I think I will have a few Guinness' and eat some chocolate.

Barry Oglesby said...

I've decided to follow your blog to see how fat=strong.

Jonathan said...

If they think you're fat, they should see me.

lylemcd said...

Is "fat bastard" a percentage in Ireland?

more seriously, I'd say high teens but probably not much more than that.