Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So nice to be missed...even if it is just Joel and Mimo

I actually have heard a few good rumours this week.
1. That I was sacked...this is really some feat...for someone that is self employed that is...although I do have a tendency for self loathing so I suppose if any one was going to sack me that it would actually be me.
2. That I was being sued...there's not much I can say about this one as just about everyone I come in contact with could have a pretty good shot at winning a case for defamation of character against me.
3. That my gym was being run by someone else...I wish.

Anyway...I'm too tired to start from where I left off so I'm just going to pretend like the last week never happened and just start from today.

I spent the best part of the morning talking to cardiologists about exercise...including the one smart arse surgeon who last time I presented made the quip when one of the others asked what sport I did myself...'From the looks of him he's always had a genetic predisposition towards coaching.'...I would of been mad but I had to give him that one...it was pretty good.

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