Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've missed just about the entire Olympics

Today is the first day I've actually had a chance to catch much. I have made a special effort to watch the events in which I've had an interest in certain athletes but asides from that...this whole Olympics has passed me by....a very sad state of affairs...I suppose I've got 4 years to try to get my work in order to free up some more time.

Homework Questions and Comments
Kira said...
Will said . . .
"2. I only get to work with them in bursts of days or at most 2 or 3 weeks at any one time."

That would be difficult. I'm starting to get the impression that coaching requires a very intuitive mind. With that short amount of time, you wouldn't get the opportunity to rely on excessive testing and analysis. Is that right?

It is much easier to coach someone online or distance coach them or whatever you want to call it once you have actually seen them train yourself but yes, you're right it is not the easiest but you have to do what you can...keeping it simple is the key.

Will said . . .
"4. The other difficulty is that the schedule gets thrown out constantly depending upon whether they make the 1st Round or the Final or whether they make the cut."

Hadn't thought about that.
Scheduling would be a frickin' nightmare! That'd piss me off!

I pretty much do this with all my athletes anyway. I've a long term plan sketched out...usually for the season. Then have a 6 or 8 week training block more specifically laid out. Then I pretty much fiddle and refine the programs on a week to week basis. Also making changes and adjustments day to day. Some days athletes just aren't 'on' and it is just stupid to make them do what it says in their program just because it is written down.

August 15, 2008 6:29 AM
Adrienl said...
Also a bit late but with the side run drill was that for conditioning alone or was it also to drill better movement patterns.

It is never too late. That drill and all the others were done for conditioning but yes, I do use it to improve running technique as well and like everything else I'd like to do but have absolutely no time for I actually want to do more coaching video stuff to post. So rather than just posting vids of athletes training or testing I want to get someone else to hold the camera so I can post vids of 'how I coach' to give people a bit better idea of what I'm on about.

could i also enquire as to the level of this team?

They are an Irish Men's Superleague team.

August 15, 2008 9:04 PM
lylemcd said...


How much do you pay these actors weekly to pretend to be your athletes?

They work for peanuts and scoops of protein....the usual...fats and protein.

I hope you're selling a lot of books to cover it through your blog.

My books are selling fantastically well. As you can imagine my warm and welcoming personality that I've been cunningly cultivating for years has translated into massive interweb profits.


Kira said...

thanks for answering my questions.

You should get a gimp to follow you around with a video camera. It'd be good to see how you go about coaching.


Anonymous said...

What athletes do you have in China? What are their names and events?

Will Heffernan said...

Kira said...
thanks for answering my questions.
No problem.
You should get a gimp to follow you around with a video camera. It'd be good to see how you go about coaching.
Good gimps are hard to come by these days.

Anonymous said...
What athletes do you have in China?
I don't actually 'have' any athletes.
What are their names and events?
What's your name and event.