Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I love getting emails like these...

This is an email I just received from ROK. I thought I'd post it because I always believe in credit it where it is due....particularly when it also means making a total show out of others....which everyone who knows me knows I am a massive fan of.

Hi Will
I'm off to Bulgaria tomorrow but I thought you'd like to hear this story. The boys team came to Luxembourg as well and they found out about all the push ups I can do. They were all like no way you probably cant even do one. So, I had to prove them wrong and I did all my push ups and none of the boys could beat me. None of the English boys team could beat me either. I think I did 20 maybe 30 more than the highest boy?

Any way,

Apparently she got all manner of excuses from the'your arms are too far apart....where have I heard that before...oh yeah...that's right...on the world wide interweb.

ROK is off representing her country in Basketball...not bad for someone who'd only done push ups on her knees when she started with me.

ROK...other wise known as have to admit she's pretty scary looking!

By the way...I've read the comments that Ian, Kira and Joel added and when I get home from work tonight I will deal with them...some great points made and you should check them out if you haven't...the first things that spring to mind are the following:

1. Obviously a good number of people reading the blog are smarter than me.
2. Why is it that everyone who comments here is far more articulate than me?
3. That I am such a poor writer everyone who comments on what I've written posts as if they are translating what I've written from another language...almost 50% of posts contain the phrase...'I think what Will meant was...' or some variation on that theme.

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