Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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I have put all the data for the 3 athletes in the video in the relevant post.

As for the questions:

Kira said...
I didn't understand this test.
What's not to understand? We do 3 40m speed tests to get the best possible time...this is done after a 20 minute warm up. Then we do 10 40 metre sprints...once you start..the clock starts and every 30 seconds you repeat a sprint till you have done 10. You do each one as hard as you can.

Can you simplify your explanation for us slow learners :)
Tell me if you are still struggling to keep up?

After taking this test, what does it show you?
Have a look at the data and tell me what you think it shows? I won't leave it at that...I will make a post tomorrow and tell you what it shows.

And what do you do with the information you've learned?
Basically as I've said often...I love testing...I live for testing...I test a lot...I want to see who's fast and who's not...who can be fast often and who can't...I want to make the fast guys faster and the slow guys fast and have them all be faster more often.

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Kira said...

Will said:
"What's not to understand?"

Well this sentence for starters—

"Comparing the 40m standing sprint time with the fastest decrement repeat gives a good indication of the effort made by each athlete in the first repeats of the

Your explanation in this post was much better— thanks.

Will said:

"Tell me if you are still struggling to keep up?"

You sarcastic bastard :)

How about you stop hanging shit on my 'slowness' at understanding strength and conditioning practices and I'll refrain from hanging shit on your ability to communicate via the written word :)

Will said . . .

"Have a look at the data and tell me what you think it shows?"

That D. Farrell is a lazy bastard!

It also shows me you REALLY like collecting data.