Sunday, August 24, 2008

I also wanted to say well done to Cookies on his (near) International Caps

I neglected amongst others things I neglected to do this week to say congrats to Cookies AKA 'The Muffin' AKA 'Shiner' who has worked his not insubstantial hole off in the gym before heading to the US to represent the US of A against two top European club sides. When I'm not busy not training athletes and players competing on this side of the Atlantic I have to not be training athletes and players who are competing on the other side of the Atlantic as's hard not being me.

Use your weight Cookies.


Ben said...

not really related to this post, sorry will but congrats to Darren for his bronze a few days ago, saw some highlights of his final fight and he looked to goods. Dont know if you have anything to do with Egan, but fuck i reckon he got robbed against teh Chinese for the gold, it was far closer than the judges had it


Will Heffernan said...

Amateur boxing's as corrupt and flawed as gymnastics, diving and figure skating when it comes to judging...but that's life...they both did really well and if I had the opportunity I'd be happy ton take an Olympic bronze or silver...I think the disappointment always comes from knowing that there was in the tank.

Las Vegas here we come.