Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What if I told you they were all cross country runners?

Kira said...
Are the dudes being tested rugby players?
Absolutely...Johnny and Chops are both props and Logi is a 2nd row.

and what's your take on the ultrasound thingy?
It looks excellent and am I very seriously considering buying one. It seems really quick and easy to use and incredibly consistent. It gives you a depth on fat and muscle. It is really something that I would like to get more experience with...I'll keep you informed.

John said...
Great work Will, that 220Kg looked easy. They are impressive gains. How long had it been between tests?
Good question...I will ask Chops. I think he did 4 weeks with me...the fat camp for 2 weeks so 6 weeks in total.

Joel Hallström said...
Maybe you should just not read those emails and instead read and respond to the emails you get from us that think you are great... :)
Anyone who knows me knows that I really love that stuff...I'm actually powered by hate...anyone who's been coached by me or worked with me knows that it doesn't bother me in the slightest. As for your soon as I get all the dates sorted we'll be ready to rock and roll.

Denise said...
Ill even admit it myself you can really see a difference...well in Jonno and chops...sorry Logi.
That is really harsh...just because Logi managed to lose more in the 1st week than either of the lads lost in 2 isn't his fault...though the fact that he managed to put on more weight in the 2nd week than either of the lads lost in 2 maybe at least partly his fault.

I also have to say well done to Chunky
I think out of all the lads on Fat Camp he's probably made the biggest visual change. He started a day behind the other guys and unfortunately I forgot/didn't get time to get 'before' photos on the day he started.

Day 1 - 119.5kg
Day 7 - 116.7kg
Day 14 - 116.3kg

I also want to say well done to Nasher.
For slightly different reasons...he didn't train with us...he did his own program and training.

Day 1 - 106.8
Day 14 - 106.7kg

Total loss of 0.1kg...although I think he went to the toilet just before he weighed in yesterday.

Frank the Tank also did well...he didn't have as much to lose as the rest of us.

He went:
Day 1 - 94.0kg
Day 7 - 93.5kg
Day 14 - 93.0kg

So that is this episode of the Fatathon all wrapped up.

Someone asked about Cookies shoulder work.
Here is Chopper doing what is either 'max effort band work' or 'band work cardio'.

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Anonymous said...

Will you show the band set up from the front view?

Looks like a lot of lat involvement on the first movement where the arm is pulled down toward the body.