Thursday, July 31, 2008

Was working out of the office this evening

Well for a little while anyway.

See if you can pick the odd man out in this photo?

The guys loved there fitness work...they were almost begging me for more.

I hate it when actual rugby training gets in the way of fitness work.

This is as light as the tackling most things in's all about getting your technique right.

Then the Pottsy totally upstaged me...he dropped a knowledge bomb on the backs...he's trying to explain tackling to a bunch of guys who are better known for their fantastic taste in clothes and for watching on for most of the game while the forwards do all the hard work only to swoop in after all the hard yards have been to score the tries and get all the glory.

He might as well be talking to a wall.

Naturally I would love to blog more...but I'm going to go out and supervise the lads while they have a couple of Diet Cokes in farewell to Frank the Tank who is leaving for the sunnier climate of Chester, England.


Artie said...


It's probably been discussed, but I'm lazy: if you want to increase for example a 100 kg 1 RM front squat 5-10 kg, what would be your specific scheme to increase the load (from WO to WO)? Or do you just follow the Westside style and "try" to go for a 1-3 rep max each time? Thanks!

lylemcd said...

How can you supervise non-existent/fake athletes?


Damian Griffin said...

Mate - was that rugby scrimmage done on the green beside your house ?? You lazy lazy man