Thursday, July 17, 2008

The other thing I was asked about today and yesterday were supplements

I am not the expert on this...far from it. My experience with supplements have been pretty basic...basically Dan Fouts who is an avid reader of the blog turned me on to Muscle Milk and I never looked back.

I am actually going to see if Lyle McDonald has some summary or recommendations that I could post up here on different supplements...what they are good for and how you should use Lyle...if you have something like that could you email it to me? If you don't I'll just have to rip off your stuff and post it any way!

If you train at our facility you know you can talk to Hugh about whatever you need...if you are just a blog reader and are based in Ireland then I suggest you go to Irish Lifting and get yourself sorted...Mick loves to hear from customers and if you get anything from him make sure you email him everyday and thank him or just say 'Hi' because he loves getting email. This isn't a paid for advertisement. I actually BUY my Muscle Milk from him...which is ridiculous...I should really be a sponsored lifter or something and get it all for free...if only I lifted and didn't look like a fat mess and if it wasn't for the fact that I look more like an example of the dangers of taking too much Muscle Milk when not training. So before anyone else asks me where they should get've been told. Now at least I can say just check out the blog.

Speaking of which...Check out the becoming my get out of jail free card...any time any asks me anything these days and it is dumb or I just can't be bothered explaining it I just say...check out the's brilliant...and anyone who actually reads it knows how hard it is too find stuff on here so if they come back to me and say they couldn't find it I can just say....look harder.

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