Monday, July 7, 2008

Let the games begin

We started a Fatathon this evening...Logi, Chops, Jonny and myself are having a 2 week fat-off. I just want to get this out guys may remember me mentioning going on a diet? Do you remember that? I'll give you a little recap...I was 108kgs and wanted to get leaner...I dieted hard and stupid and got down to 104kgs...well I weighed in tonight...I was the slimmest of the 4 at I'm not the greatest mathamatician but I think 112kg is approximately 8kgs heavier than of you can do the maths for me. Anyway...Logi, Chops and Jonny all did their first session of their new program tonight...I'll let them fill you in on the details....the fat is going to be flying over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.


Hugh said...


You went on and on about how great your diet would be and what a great athletic specimen you'd be at a BW below 100kg but you lost interest and stopped after about a week and a half. I was actually pretty interested in the project and was disappointed to see you fall away from it. Unfortunately, it's somewhat of a theme. I've heard you mention some great plans/projects you think up but they don't get off the ground coz you lose interest due to a lack of day to day gratification. I'm sure you know this already and I doubt you mind my writing it but if there's one thing holding you back from "greatness", it's this. Patience is a virtue...

Michael Sullivan said...

I bet 1 billion internet dollars or 117 push ups in 60 seconds that Heffernan will be the Biggest Looser. He will bitch and moan about being too busy to train as he spends so much time actually coaching athletes or he had to wash his new Aprilia motorcycle but watch out if does not win. He Welsh's on bets.