Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fatathon went as well as I planned....naturally

I brought Steven Carroll in to put the Bodymetrix body composition ultra sound and software to the test...well I wanted to make sure of the lads body fat measurements as well as ensure none of the bellies they were sporting weren't the result of an unplanned pregnancy.

There is no where to hide your fat from sound waves.

As you can see...some of us had more fat to try and hide than others.

I shouldn't let some of my female athletes test with the's bad for their confidence.


After - I think you'll agree that there has been a significant decrease in the amount of muffin top overhang?

Chops did well...the secret according to Chops is no carbs after 3pm except for the 2 nights a week at which time he gets completely plastered! Well...who am I to mess with success.

Day 1 - 120.9kg
Day 7 - 119.8kg
Day 14 - 117.6kg

So a loss of 3.3kg. I think that is 1.5kg off each love handle and 0.3kg of his neck.


After - I know what you're thinking...what has that fat bastard got to smile fairness I think for two weeks work....10 training sessions and anything but strict dieting...he can afford a smile.

He's got 3 weeks worth of strength work and field conditioning to do and if he isn't under 115kg's by then he'll have another 2 weeks of fat camp...that'll wipe the smile off his face. I intend to have him playing at a lean and hard 112-115kg come the start of the season.


After - At least Johnny won't need that girdle any more.

Day 1 - 122.5kg
Day 7 - 119.2kg
Day 14 - 117.9kg

So a loss of 4.6kg

Johnny's program is going to be similar to Chops only he has a little more gym based conditioning to do as he is still continuing his rehab some recent knee surgery.



Day 1 - 122.9kg
Day 7 - 117.8kg
Day 14 - 121.2kg

Did you see what happened there...Logi was the hot favourite to take the title after week 1...he was pretty mad about his 2nd week of dieting...actually....can it be called dieting when you actually put on more weight than the other guys lost? He was so mad at one stage I thought he was going to have a stroke. Then I saw this photo and thought he already had.

Logi was so mad that he gave himself a little bit of brain damage...or so it appears.


Anonymous said...

How tall is logi? Looks pretty lean for 117kgs.

Also how accurate are the ultrasound BF testers?

Will Heffernan said...

Anonymous said...
How tall is logi?

Looks pretty lean for 117kgs.
Well he's 121kgs so he must look even leaner to you now.

Also how accurate are the ultrasound BF testers?
That's what I want to know.

Denise said...

Ill even admit it myself you can really see a differnce..well in jono and chops...sorry Logi

Kira said...

Are the dudes being tested rugby players?

and what's your take on the ultrasound thingy?

Susan said...

How many sites are measured? Are the sites similar to caliper's?