Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't tell me...tell Jonathon

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Fat Camp
The lads were in for their conditioning session this morning...they loved every minute of it.

This seems to be what the treadmill is mainly used for these days.

They jumped on the CII and did 750m, 500m and 250m with 60 seconds recoveries and then 5 all out 100m efforts with 40 second recovery between efforts. They took a 5 minute break and did 5 sets of these in total.

Forgot to include this yesterday.

I get this look from athletes a lot.


Jonathan said...


Will Heffernan said...

Jonathan said...

Is that what you think I should be taking?

Michael Sullivan said...

Will, you are(have) a ginormous ass so it surprises me that you let the lads keep their lead foot up on the bench when doing step ups. Uber coach Charles Staley told me to do them starting with the foot on the ground each rep.

Will Heffernan said...

I've always thought that was rubbish...and I still do.