Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Apparently Johnny's fatness isn't real?

I've been told that Johnny hasn't really lost weight...that he was just sticking his gut out or being 'fat on purpose' whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

Here are the shots from the other side.

Before...maybe that is my problem...I'm not actually fat...I'm just being fat on purpose?


I've had other mails saying it is no big deal and from others saying that they could do a lot better and their athletes could lose heaps more...that's great...I'd love to see it. Like I is two weeks of training and 'better' nutrition not ultra strict dieting.

Chops tested yesterday. He banged out a 40kg PB on his trap bar deadlift improving from 180kg to 220kg...and as you can see in the video he had a heap more in him.

In his last test he pulled 180kg.

I actually stopped him from doing another as he had a full training session afterwards and I also want to 'look' like the coaching genius I am when he smashes his PB again at the end of August. He improved his bench from 110kg last test to 130kg and added 1 pull up over last test. Took his push ups from 30 ish to 49 (not 50...sorry get what you get...I don't make the rules....actually...wait a second....I do.) and his inverted rows from the mid teens I think to 26. I don't know what more I'm supposed to do with athletes...making them leaner and stronger I thought was a pretty good start....apparently not. Have not had a single 'well done' or 'great job' and that's cool because it is actually my job. Instead what I get is a dozen or so mails saying that 'I'm not all that' and that unnamed others could do much better....all this from people who 'can't be bothered' to read my blog and have 'no interest' in what I have to say but still take the time to email me and tell me what they think? I don't get it...I'm sure they won't read this....seeing as they never bother reading the blog but I just thought those of you who actually do read it would think it was funny all the same.


John said...

Great work Will, that 220Kg looked easy. They are inpressive gains. How long had it been between tests?

Joel Hallström said...

Maybe you should just not read those emails and instead read and respond to the emails you get from us that think you are great... :)

Jonathan said...

If they want to see real fatness you should send them pictures of me or Dan!