Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All the power must be in the hair

The red heads have been running riot. First Fergus then Fanj and now Hogie just smashing the place up. Hogie had a good 8 week block of training and I don't have my results book in front of me but off the top of my head...added a few kilograms of quality..his bodyfat is the same as it was when he started. He added 15kg to his bench...and would of added more if Fanj hadn't sabotaged him by using the Jedi mind trick on him. He got 19 pull ups...well done Hogie...with Hugh out of action that could stand as a record for a while.

He thinks he was robbed...after looking at it in slow motion several times...I think as always...I was generous.

He did about 60 push ups and did 34 inverted rows in 60 seconds. Hogie has a back issue that we are nursing him through so even though he wanted to deadlift I didn't let him. A lot of the lads are heading off to the US this week I hope they have a great time and don't destroy all the hard work they've done.


Hugh said...

Phenomenal score. Watched it a couple of times and have to agree that you were pretty generous. I would like to watch it through VLC player on super slow motion but only have the youtube option. Perhaps you should Will, as I thought reps 14, 15, 17 and 20 were dubious. Which rep did you count as a failure?

I hope you can be as nice to me when I finally get healed up enough to test on this!!

Seriously though, great score and well done Hogie.

Will Heffernan said...

I thought the same thing till I watched it in slow motion.

Feel free to convene the facilities committee and we'll watch it on the big screen. I thought he'd misses a few earlier on but low and behold...there was chin over the line of the bar.