Friday, June 20, 2008

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

All the kings horses and all the king men couldn't do it...but I could.

DOK was in for testing today...he's a 17 year old basketballer who has basically had a 2 year off season as a result of 2 knee reconstructions...he came to get put back together again.

First testing session on the 06/05/08 he's 193cm's tall and weighed in at 92.0kg.

Squats - 2 reps
Bench - 85kg
Pull Ups - 4 reps
Push Ups - 43 reps in 60 seconds
Inverted Rows - 25 reps in 60 seconds

Today...20/05/08 he's still 193cm's tall...pretty disappointed in this actually...I thought all the basketball training I had him doing would make him taller. But he did weigh in at 95.0kg.

Squats - 11 reps (+9 reps...just in case you can't count)
Bench - 95kg (+10kg)
Pull Ups - 6 reps (+2 reps)
Push Ups - 54 reps in 60 seconds (+11 reps)
Inverted Rows - 32 reps in 60 seconds (+7 reps)

Now I have his strength almost where I want it I am going to condition the hell out of him even if it kills him.

Pat Hodgson said...
Will - just two things:
Firstly your blog is the blog I'd write if I had the time...
maybe you should write least until Monday when my new computer is supposedly being delivered.and secondly, as a boxing coach, I'll be incorporating many of the effective (read painful) gems you bring to light...I'm always glad to be able to share the pain seems unfair to restrict it just to my own athletes.

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Joel Hallström said...

Monday. Sweet! Im looking forward to it!