Friday, June 6, 2008

I meant to include this in yesterday's update

These are Gus's rowing times from 4 weeks ago listed first with his times from yesterday listed second. I'm not even going to bother adding them can see he has torn time out of all his splits. He's trained well this last month and I think you can see the fruits of his labour here. Well done Gus.

200m - 41.6 vs 35.8
400m - 1:20.4 vs 1:16.7
600m - 2:12.2 vs 2:02.0
800m - 2:58.5 vs 2:50.6
1000m - 3:52.2 vs 3:36.3
200m - 47.8 vs 38.4
400m - 1:28.9 vs 1:23.0
600m - 2:17.3 vs 2:08.1
800m - 2.58.7 vs 2:54.1
1000m - 4:03.6 vs 3:40.2
800m - 3:13.9 vs 2:50.8
600m - 2.27.0 vs 2:07.5
400m - 1.21.8 vs 1:21.4
200m - 45.2 vs 35.8


mimo said...

What are the recovery times,Will? I have been using the CII a lot and , damn, it kicks my ass every time. Yesterday i went for 2x10x 250m in under 50 secs with 45 secs recovery. Hard!

Will Heffernan said...

45 seconds.

Damian Griffin said...

Good work gus about 28mins really great time keep it going !!!!

Gus said...

Thanks Griff I know I'm not up anywhere near your times YET but Will gave me a few pointers on the technique so hopefully I can shave a few more seconds off. I Also almost passed out when the last set was finished so I feel our pain.

ian said...

Hi Will,

What model Concept 2 have you got and what is the monitor version?

ian said...

Hey Will,

I can't order my Concept 2 without knowing what model you've got :)

I need to make sure I order the one that allows me to program it the same way you do with your athlete's.

Cheers mate.

Will Heffernan said...

Completely missed seeing that question of yours. I will check the rowers out today and tell you exactly what model we have.