Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Check this out

Concept II World Rankings

You should recognise the first name on the list...it's this guy.

Everyone who came into the gym tonight was thrown straight on the rower...no stretching...no warm up....just grip it and rip it. We will have to post a proper row I'll record it from start to finish as it should only take 1 min 15 secs or so from start to finish.

I just got emailed this:

The blog link is not working. That site is offering the recorded times for this season only. Anyway I did a search about and the quickest time I’ve found is these rankings going back to 2002.

500 1:14.5 40 Dwayne Adams H M USA 2006

500 1:14.8 30 Graham Benton H M GBR 2004

500 1:15.3 25 Jose Luis Sanz Ortega H M ESP 2005

500 1:19.1 31 Damian Griffin H M IRL 2008

500 1:19.5 53 Stan Vegar H M USA 2008


Michael Sullivan said...

Saw a few times of about 1 minute or about 15 seconds faster than anything else. What is up with that? Not possible

Will Heffernan said...

I've no idea. We were basically just messing about last night...it was just funny to see the rankings after the fact.

I'm going to get all the lads psyched to see if we can wipe the board and have the entire top 10.

CBD- B said...

to do a standardized time for concept i think the resistance thing over the fan has to be completely closed or on some certain level or something... or maybe it has to be completely open? i dunno but maybe thats why the times are so close

Joel Hallström said...

Since today hasnt been a great blogg day i though of posting some annoying questions :)
Im currently training a female in her late 30's who's applying for the Swedish police academy.

Testing procedures for women are:
Coopers test- running 2 kilometers under 10 minutes
Swimming test - Swim 200 meters, 25 without using arms and picking up a doll on 1.5 meters depth by diving.
Strength test-Picking up a doll weighting 77 kg's and dragging it 15 meters.
Koordinationtest- doing a sommersault and then jumping/crawling under three obstacles on time.

She has tried once before and then failed on the strength test. She couldnt pick up the doll and hurt her back
My goal is to get her in shape so she will pass this time. Testing is in end of september.

I had a short meeting with her last week and did a few tests. She is not in her best shape. She could do 8 pushups from the knees, hold a plank for 50 seconds and do 20 lunges on each leg. I could see from the testing that she's pretty assymetrical. Stronger on her right side on the upper body and stronger on the left side of the lower body. Also tends to "cave in" when squatting and has weak scapulastability. She seems to be a bit hypermobile as well.

Anyways, the plan is to get her in enough shape in three months so she can carry that doll. She doesnt have alot of gym experience. I plan on doing alot of upper body, push/pulls, unilateral lower body work, and alot of core. Alot of time will go to teaching lifting techniques. She can only see me once a week but she has a gym at work so she has to do 1-2 times by herself. How would you guys do it?

mimo said...

A sandbag would be very useful, even though those are not hard tests at all. You should be fine

Jenn said...

I definitely don't want to take over this blog because I love it (hurry up Will and get your darn computer fixed or replaced or whatever) but I'll throw my two cents in. I am a female firefighter and I have trained both FF's and paramedics for their lift tests.

You mention both drag the doll and carry it - so does she have to drag the doll or pick it up totally off the ground and carry it? Two totally different things.

If she has to drag it can she get under it and wrap her arms around the chest of the dummy or does she have to drag it by the collar - what are the rules? Grip strength training will play a role in both - trust me that is where a lot of women will fail especially if she can't get her arms wrapped totally around the dummy due to the size.

You probably have this covered but just make sure when you are teaching lift techniques that you are using a dummy if you have access to one - the transfer from weights doesn't work well at all. If no dummy available I agree with mimo that sand bags will work well - you may want to rope a few of them together to get in the shape of a dummy.

Joel Hallström said...

I love this blog as well! Since Will seems to have his hands full, and i discovered that alot of readers are sitting on alot of experience, i though i just put the question out there. Maybe we should start a forum? :)

Anyways, great tips Cbd and Jenn! i dont have a doll, but i sure do have a few sandbags. I saw her yesterday again and i can say that right now i will only focus on fixing the imbalance she's having and teaching proper lifting technique. The test is lifting the doll up to chestheight and then drag it, its ok if the dolls feet touch the ground.
Thanks again guys, and i wont be posting stuff like this if Will doesnt approve in the future!

Patrick Crawford said...

To answer Ian the training is going very well. Body fat has come down from 22.4% to 17.8% and muscle tone is improving immensely. The training is having a big effect in the following areas.

1. Posture. Actually feel taller.
2. Body Fat. As above
3. Stamina. At start had problem rowing for 150 mtrs x 10. Now 300 x 10 is a breeze. 24-30k a week rowing is no problem.
4. General well being is great.
5. Still finding it hard to lose the belly, it’s going slowly.

I use a Homeopath to keep health in check and on last visit, last week, was considered to be in the best condition I have been in years

It is hard to keep to the training schedule but the healthy up side are worth the effort.

Next steps is to raise the bar higher and phase IV of the programme will focus on building strength along with durability.

On Will Heffernan, he really knows his stuff, he minds his team players so I’d like to say thanks for all your advice and efforts.

Will Heffernan said...

I'll be brief and I'll make this post while I can. I am almost on top of my IT issues...as in I am just agreeing a spec and will be handing over my cash today.

You guys can post and discuss anything you like with regards training. I will actually look into a forum even if it is just for the 7 of us to discuss training. I'm not sure what it costs but one of you IT geeks must know. Anyway my laptop is dying a slow death here and I'm busy trying to make sure I have everything backed up in case it packs it in completely. As soon as I get my new machine normal service will be resumed...till then you'll have to take what you can get...which is not much I'll admit.

ian said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for taking time out to post.

Will's integration of rowing and strength work as structured in each of your phases is quite a departure from what I normally see...that is - strength training and cardio done in separate blocks...and I wondered if this structure was new to you too and how you adapted from any previous training structure?

One question put to Will previously was whether interspersing cardio adversely affected the strength training due to fatigue. Did you find this a problem at all and as your work capacity and conditioning improved did this lessen the impact (assuming it was impacted in the first place)? Hope that made sense.

Generally how long did the sessions take you to do? I'm curious to know if your were able to reduce the rest periods much as work capacity improved and if this had a big impact on how long the sessions took.

mimo said...

Will, i have a log on Lyle's board now. You're free to come by and offer your advice, criticize it, whatever. I tested, using your plan.

My log is called " my journey from shit to suck"

Will Heffernan said...

1. Jenn...glad to have you comment and feel free to do so more often.

2. Glad to see Patrick's comments and Ian's questions seemed to have reappeared.

3. I'd love to know how Ian's is getting on with Patrick's program.

ian said...

Will said...
3. I'd love to know how Ian's is getting on with Patrick's program.

Will - if you have an athlete's 150m, 500m and 500m time trial results how would - no wait - I've asked that 7 times already :)

I completed Week 3 of Phase 1 last Wednesday.

I've rarely done cardio - couldn't get interested in it - old ladies would overtake me in the streets - even while they were laden down with shopping.

For example - Phase 1 took me from:

10 sets of 150m/30s in 5:24.7 in the 1st week to 4:58.8 in the 3rd

600m/500m/400m/300m/200m/100m/30s in 8:24.3 in the 1st week to 7:30.0 in the 3rd

I tweaked some of the strength exercises to suit my needs - though I have been too light on most of them.

I liked the mix of strength and rowing within the same session - that was the main reason I did it.

I'd like to have continued with Phases 2 and 3 but they would have taken me way over the hour and a half mark so I've come up with my own program today - I'll be doing 3 strength sessions (with some rowing at the end) and 3 conditioning sessions.

Being new to rowing I'm not sure if my rowing sessions are appropriate for my level - or how best to plan ahead based on my times - but I've tried not to stray too far from what I've been doing.

Have you got Patrick on Phase 4 yet Will?

Will Heffernan said...

Do that session I suggested in my last post and post your results.