Sunday, May 11, 2008

Would you take conditioning advice from this guy?

My first guest blog...all the great guru's have them...and apparently that's what I'm trying to be...even though I seem to have neglected the really key part of being a guru....making and money. This post in italics below is from Michael Sullivan in Las Vegas in the US of A.

This is what happens when you drink nothing but Muscle Milk and never actually train...and I don't mean get hairy and unkempt.

I am old, short,weak, fat and out of condition and wanted to change. So I called the one person I knew who had experience with all of that except the bald part. I called and Will and told him that I wanted to get into better condition and would be willing to do it at most 2 days per week and my only piece of conditioning equipment was a Versaclimber.

Session 1-150,150,150 feet 30,45,60 seconds rest after each interval. 5 sets
Session 2-100,150,200 feet 60 seconds rest after 100,150 2 minutes after 200. 5 sets.
Session 3-150,150,150 feet 30,45,60 seconds rest after each interval. 6 sets
Session 4-100,150,200 feet 75 seconds rest after 100,150 2 minutes after 200. 6 sets.
Session 5-150,150,150 feet 45,60,75 seconds rest after each interval. 7 sets
Session 6-100,150,200 feet 75 seconds rest after 100,150 2 minutes after 200. 7 sets.
Session 7-150,150,150 feet 30,45,60 seconds rest after each interval. 8 sets

Took 2 weeks off due to vacation in Mexico

Session 8- retesting- (all out sprints)
100 feet- 28 seconds/previous 32 seconds 12.5% improvement
200 feet- 71 seconds/previous 78 seconds 8.75% improvement
300 feet-140 seconds/previous 154 seconds 9.10% improvement
Good results in a short period of time. The Versaclimber is a brutal piece of equipment.

I think everyone will clearly see that the key to the success of this program was my ability to prescribe 2 weeks of holiday time in Mexico.


Michael Sullivan said...

That's me in the red shirt on the left of a fat homeless guy who would not leave me alone.

Will Heffernan said...

In your dreams might be as jakt as that guy but he has way more hair than you.

Ben said...

I did session one yesterday coz i was bored, had 60 sec rest after each 50m climb and i was rooted.

I know that rooted doesnt neccessarily equal greatness, but it was hard, ill do a week of session 1's i think to break me in then ill follow the progression

Will Heffernan said...

Be sure to let us know how you get on?