Monday, May 12, 2008

While we're on the subject of Interviews

I'm also going to be interviewing Sophie Scamps. Sophie is a former national junior 800m champion as well as being a member of a gold medal winning team in the 4X400m at the World Junior Athletics Championship. I know we have people interested in athletics reading this as well so if you have any training related questions for Sophie then post them below.

In case I didn't make it clear...these interviews will all be videoed. This is for a number of reasons:
1. I'm really lazy and video seems really simple.
2. If I had to type it all up...well...see point 1.

Like I said...7 minutes of no holds barred questioning...OK...well I won't be holding anyone but there will be questions.


Anonymous said...

Will, a few questions here as well.

1. What sort of weekly volume do you get up to in the winter, and what sort of volume do you think is really neccessary for 800 runners from a 400/800 background vs a 800/1500/3000 background?

2. Do you feel either good 400 speed or pure speed are particularly important for female vs male 800 runners?

3. Do you feel strength and conditioning is better focussed as an injury prevention tool for 800 runners or does it have real scope to improve performance in already high level athletes? Also does Strength and conditioning have a greater potential to improve performance in female vs male 800 runners?

4. What do you feel are the keys for a successful transition from elite junior to elite senior athetics and what part do institute/academy support contribute to this success?


Will Heffernan said...

Great questions...I'm glad you thought of them...this interview will be done this week so if you have any other questions...get them in quick smart.

Jingle said...

Couple of questions:

Based on your profile, you seem to have quit very young, early 20's. Is this right and if so, why? Injury?

Seb Coe described the 400-600m as the killing zone and he did most of his damage there, when winning where did you do yours? Did you lead balls to the walls from the gun or sit and kick?

Last one. Did you practice any mental stuff to help your finish. Many athletes get negative stuff popping in at the wrong time like when hitting the straight and thoughts like "shite, she is going to beat me" or "my legs are getting very heavy". Did these negative thoughts ever kick in and if so how did you handle it?

Will Heffernan said...

You guys are way better at this interviewing thing than I am...keep the questions coming.