Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday morning and some sunshine...nice combo

Quiet session in the gym today. Mainly rehab and prehab work and a bucket load of moaning along with some testing.

DK tested as follows:
Height: 178cm
Weight: 93.7kg
Bodyfat: 18.6%
1RM Bench: 110kg
Pull Ups: 8 reps
Push Ups(60sec): 55 reps
Inverted Rows(60sec): 25 reps
Squat: 15 reps*
Trap Bar Deadlift: 190kg**

DK's 190kg Trap Bar Deadlift

*I stopped him at 15.
**Double body weight is what I'm looking for here.

We did 10 rows of 150m's under 1.30/500m pace with 1 min light rowing recoveries.
Then 5 sets of reverse hyperextensions and 6 sets of 3 reps on the box jumps.

Here's my last set just to prove that fat, washed up, white men can jump....albeit not very high.

There hasn't been this much fat airborne since that whale jumped to freedom in Free Willy.


Michael Sullivan said...

Is that the box Wendler and Tate squat to? Seems a bit low.

Will Heffernan said...

That box is so high that if you were vertical jump testing you could do it underneath that box and I bet you still wouldn't be able to touch the underside.