Friday, May 16, 2008

Sami got me thinking...

....well done Sami...getting me thinking is a job many have undertaken and failed miserably at in the past.

I've decided what I'm going to do is to set up a 'mirror' blog to this one. It will be just for athlete details and records. So each athlete I profile will then have a post opened in their name and sport. We need to develop a standard format for recording their background, photos, videos, testing records and programs I think? One that we can use though out the blog. Any ideas?

It will a place where you can post questions to the individual athletes regarding their impressions and feelings about the program and I'll twist their arms and have them answer them. So you can get the coaches view...that's me....and the athletes view...from them. I encourage questioning in my athletes....when they start out...I have most of them just shut their mouths and do what they are told...but I have senior athletes who I have been coaching for a long time who understand my system and have very definite opinions on what they think about it and we actively discuss (that is argue) the best approaches to training. So I've no problem with them disagreeing with my here or in the gym....the direction of their training is a decision we come to together.

When I discuss them in this blog I'll just post a link to their individual post on the mirror this....and if you want you'll be able to click it and see all their details? How does that sound? I can't see why it won't work...if anyone can see a reason it won't then let me know?

I'll also need to think of a way to categorise them so that the blog can be easily you guys should have a think about that....particularly all the eggheads, nerds and techno geeks reading this...whether programs could be labelled or tagged or something within the you could search 'power' or 'strength'...I'm just thinking out loud...tell me what you think? So I can waste my free time doing it over the weekend.


Matt said...

Sounds a good idea.

Perhaps grouping into sports or goals? Strength, conditioning, fat loss, size etc

Athlete profiles would be awesome. previous training phase and program, current program + Goals to achieve thoughts and comments from yourself, the athlete + us idiots etc

Will Heffernan said...

I was thinking along the same lines.

But there training emphasis will change over I'm thinking....keeping it simpler would be better...for example:

Hugh Hogan - Rugby - Backrow (Strength) as the post title and have in brackets the current training emphasis
Then all the details.

Katie Thompson - Netball- Centre. (Conditioning)
Then all the details.

Did you think that would work?

As for you guys being idiots....I can't think of a bad question that has been posted here...and I can think of a lot of good blogs go I think the standard here has been above average...even if my writing isn't.

Matt said...

Yep that format sounds good to me.

Of course we're not idiots but ladies love self deprecating humour right?!

Will Heffernan said...

Never really known what ladies the past very few of them seemed to have a problem with letting me know what they didn't in Me!

Matt said...

you just need something in common then - and this is where the self deprecation can come in handy. Logical eh?

Sami said...

Wow, my fifteen of fame.

I'm glad I was able to contribute. Grouping by athletes is probably the easiest way to approach it. What Matt said about grouping into goals would also be awesome. Maybe use both if technically possible. I'm thinking something like this:

-strength cycles
-hypertrophy cycles
-strength cycles
-conditioning cycles
-fat loss

-Tim (his strenght cycles)
-Tom (his strenght cycles)
*Fat loss

So you'd have for example under the Athletes Tim's whole training in chronological order, and then you could also choose to see only his strenght cycles or power cycles. The goals index would point to the same cycles but the grouping would be according the goals [duh].

Does that make any sense?

Will Heffernan said...

It makes sense and we'll see what can be done...Jonathan who's been helping me out is somewhere in the middle of America fast asleep right now but I'm sure when he checks in he'll sift through the ideas and work out the best way to precede.

Thanks for your input...I think the more people chime in the better the blog will be.

Ben said...

it almost needs a myspace/facebook type layout i think. where each athlete would have a page with their own profile, stats, videos, training log, comments, Q&A etc etc

then each athlete can join networks - ie: fat loss, strength, rugby, swimming, rehab

that way even readers could add their own profile, post videos etc etc

obviously without becoming the cluster fuck of spamming and sexual predator desperados that myspace/facebook became

i think another blog or multiple blogs would become pretty messy eventually, esp with the number of people you are covering and the amount of questions and comments being made, which id be expecting to grow as word gets around