Monday, May 5, 2008

The missing ingredient in training?

Intensity! You can tell Andy here doesn't have a clue...scratching his head wondering what the hell he's been doing for the last few years.

We were talking about the gym....and when I say 'we were talking' you should always read that as 'I was talking' and we were discussing the differences in attitudes to training. I was making 2 points (I think I actually made more...but I do tend to ramble on) and I'll ignore all the technical issues regarding programming and periodisation and just look at the more basic requirements that are lacking.

1. Just a straight out lack of intensity would be my number one difference. Working with athletes in the US and from Australia I get used to guys really 'bringin' it' to training. Now I'm not saying I want to hear people screaming and yelling...but when you are doing a max effort set for instance...I want to be able to see that you really did give it your all...that you got yourself mentally ready before hand and you emptied yourself into the lift...whether it was easy, a struggle or you missed it...that you expressed yourself and made the most of your training. Some athletes just drift through sessions. I let them get away with it when they are young or just beginning but I won't except it for least the guys I think are realising that they really under estimate their is up to them whether they live down to everyone else's standards or start setting their own a little but higher.

This guy knows what I'm talking about!

2. The lack of consistency in training...athletes here 'dabble' with is not a continuous part of their overall program....this means that pretty much every Pre Season they are starting from scratch again. I'm not saying you need to do 4 sessions a week every week in the gym but what I am saying is that when you are doing a session a week or every two weeks during the season that it is part of your program and it is for a purpose.

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