Monday, May 5, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...I've been rumbled.

The blog has been found...and by 'found' I mean the audience size has doubled...from 4 to probably about 8 expect to see me 'lifting my game' writing other words...expect to see little of no discernible difference.

At least now I can expect to get constructive and intelligent criticism and that will hopefully help me make this blog more interesting. I suppose I better inform more of the athletes I train that this blog exists and get their permission to name and praise them and if necessarily shame them and myself. I want to discuss things that I do with you guys...that is the actual athletes that I coach....that don't work as much as the things you do training wise that do work. Hopefully there won't be much stuff that does go badly but if it does I hope you find the 'stones' to bring it up.

The other thing I'm going to do is to start interviewing athletes that I work with...not to actually talk about their sport but just to talk about their training, recovery, nutrition and mental preparation.

Note:I'm going to continuously announce stuff before I do it so when it doesn't happen people can get on my case about it.


Elfling said...

At least 10 readers I'm sure, Heff. <3

Will Heffernan said...

Well...I'm sure I'll get that eventually.