Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I was also asked about Inverted Rows

I will try to be concise rather than rambling on and that way if it isn't clear enough in the abridged version people can ask questions and I'll be more detailed.

1. Feet elevated.
2. Over hand, under hand or blast straps...when the bar is gripped a rep is only counted when the chest touches the bar at the top...with the blast straps...the handles have to contact the chest.
3. Strong torso.
4. We do them both with elbows tucked, flared and at 45 degrees.

When they are done in testing...it is the maximum number completed in 60 seconds...you can let go of the bar...give the hands a shake and re grip and continue.

I'll let the guys and gals actually tell you the 'best' way to get the job done...everybody is shooting for 30 because when you get that you can stop. There's an art to it.


Ben said...

haha yeah a couple of the guys i test worked out the trick to it, but they arent allowed to tell the other guys. or i said i wont let them do it anymore.

Will Heffernan said...

Getting the best score possible on your inverted row test.

Step 1:
Know what you should get...if you got 23 last time it is doubtful that you'll get 50 this time...so be realistic....set your target at 30.

Step 2: Work out the best rep range for testing...for example...I usually go in 10's.

Step 3: Pace yourself...go hard and rest. So I usually go 10 as fast as possible...rest till 15 sec the 10 as fast as possible rest till 30 then hopefully bang out another 10...rest and go for broke in the last 10 seconds or so...for my bonus reps.

Note: In 20 years I have NEVER seen anyone miss a rep...then go for it again and get it...if you miss a rep...let go of the bar...give the arms a shake and go again.

As an aside...what you'll commonly see is someone get 15 reps in the first 20 seconds and finish with a total of 18 reps...they just blow themselves out completely and are completely spent...pace yourselves boys and girls...pace yourselves.

Paul said...

do you pre-retract the scapula on inverted rows as well?

Will Heffernan said...


Next question?