Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I just had a question posted about fighting

I thought it would be a good chance to let you guys know about Darren. I hope you enjoy watching Daz dropping bombs as much as I do. Daz is a super athlete and has helped me out a huge amount as a fashion role model for me to look up to....as I said in my answer to the question posted...I'm going to interview Daz and post it here...not a interview about boxing...but an interview about training. I will announce all the 'interviews' a good bit before they happen because I want who ever takes the trouble to read the blog or who is interested in training to be able to post questions and I'll ask them...I'm not a journalist so I'm not even really sure what I'll be asking them so any questions I get from you guys will be great. Daz is off to Beijing and I hope after that...Las Vegas and fame and fortune....Daz is a professional boxer trapped in amateur boxing...but when he busts out I think he's going to be hot stuff.

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Ben said...

ok for Daz when you get a chance...

nothing very specific just a 2 parter...

a) what differences in his training are there from when he went from being national level to world level?

b) and is there anything he wishes he had of paid more attention to or done differently early on in his career?

thanks mate