Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home & Away

No...not the crappy Australian TV show...I mean we played at home and away today. Had a great morning session...the weather is great at the moment so we dragged all our gear out into the car park (did I tell you how cool it is having our own facility) all the kettlebells, boxes, rowers, benches and dumbbells and got our pump on in the blazing Irish sunshine...ahhh....Tropical Ireland...I love it.

If she can Inverted Row...why can't you?

Then I went down to The Pinnacle Gym (thanks to Mick the owner of The Pinnacle Gym...I think he let us train mainly because he knows he's going to move some serious amount off liquid egg whites over the next several months while I'm dieting) in Dublin city centre and met up with Johnny and Dave for a great bench session. Johnny's bench is going to climb another 10kg to 175kg I think based on what I saw today.

Johnny hitting 190kg on his partial press.

Dave did well also...he is one strong S.O.B and definitely lifts well above his weight class but is as uncoordinated as can be...I don't think he'll mind me telling you I said it loud enough in the gym for everyone within a single city block to hear me. I'm going to video him doing his shoulder stability band work next week so you can see for will look a little like he's doing his work during an earthquake or that he has a degenerative neural disorder...I actually wanted to rest my shake on his head while he was doing it because he would have mixed it so well he was shaking that much. Dave's going to get some great numbers and I'm glad he found me because he's incredibly powerful and is yet another one of the athletes I've been lucky enough to work with that will make me look like a much better coach than I am...great natural talent...just needs to be pointed in the right direction...I want all his PB's on the squat, bench and deadlift because he's going to smash them all easily in the future….and when I sell out at some stage in the future (we all know it’s sure to happen) I will take credit for all his hard work.

Dave hitting 135kgs easy on his partial press.


october_red said...

Why is Dave's shoulder stability like it is?

Will Heffernan said...

I'll video it this weekend and let you look at it before I tell you why I think he's leaving a tonne of weight off his bench.