Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Highlights of my evening

1. ROK squatting 70 kg for 15 strong reps to depth...which was where I stopped her...she's 16, 175cm and 67kgs...besides that she made the cut for the national basketball squad....like most of my athletes ROK's sport and her excellence at it is really hindering all the important work we could be doing in the gym.

She did 0 inverted rows and 0 chins...but we are working on that...I'd say she is 2-3 more cycles away from a chin up....and yes, I know Charles Poliquin would have her doing 12 chins in 6 weeks but unlike Chuckles...I live in the real world...3 more cycles and she'll be getting them out.

2. DOK coming back from his second major injury set back but really starting to cover the yards in the gym...highlights for him...43 push ups and 25 inverted rows...lowlights...2 reps on his body weight + body weight squat but he'll kick along through his next cycle when he gets more confidence in his formally dodgy hinge.

3. GL getting his arse back in the gym...I'm going to give you all his stats because GL is the sort of athlete that makes me look good...long season for GL and if I told you what he's been through you'd be crying onto your keyboard...anyway enough looking back...I was just delighted to see him back in the gym and ready for action.
His results were as follows:
Height: 193cm
Weight: 121.4kg
Bodyfat: 31.9%
1RM Bench: 90kg
Pull Ups: 2 reps
Push Ups(60sec): 31 reps
Inverted Rows(60sec): 16 reps
Squat: 0 reps

I'll make some predictions and we'll see how close I get...in 3 months time GL will do the following

Bodyfat: He'll get down to about 20%
1RM Bench: 145kg
Pull Ups: 8 reps
Push Ups(60sec): 50 reps
Inverted Rows(60sec): 35 reps
Squat: 15 reps

So they were some highlghts...like I said...I can't name everybody who trains but I will get around to mentioning just about everyone at some stage.

Anyways...I'll lay out GL's program and we'll see where he gets to in 4 weeks time when he retests.

He has some particular rehab and prehab needs and as time goes by I will detail these as well.

I'm going to have him in 5 days a week...Heavy days on Monday's and Thursday's...more volume on Tuesday's and Friday's....and kick his fat arse with conditioning work on Wednesday's and let him lead a life of liesure and debauchery on Saturday and Sunday's.

As an aside...I was asked to include more pictures of the girls...well here you go...my girls don't ever shirk the work.


Michael Sullivan said...

Do you use same performance standards for men and women?

Will Heffernan said...

There is only one performance standard...you either cut it or you don't.

The biggest problem with women's sport is male coaches and their low expectations and prejudices.

Zaf said...

Nice work Will!!

Could you give more details on ROK's training. I am specifically interested on how you will progress her on the inverted rows and chins as she can't do a single rep ATM.

Will Heffernan said...

I will give you her exact program as soon as I write it...and if I don't...remind me and I will.
In short though...we'll do a lot of band assisted chins and inverted rows and she especially needs to do a lot of scapular work. She's got the strength....she just can't apply it.

Anonymous said...

Trust me Will does not treat us any different because we are girls..in fact as much as the lads wont like this we train harder than most of them up there with the exception of one or two.

Michael Sullivan said...

OK. You know that I am an idiot and you should have known what I really meant to ask. What do you use as indicators for a women being strong enough? Number of pull ups, push ups, inverted rows, body weight squats, etc.? I know that these will vary by the sport.

Will Heffernan said...

Don't worry...you are way dumber than you could possibly think.
1. Because I don't care if you and a guy or a girl or possibly in your case...transgender. The girls are working towards the same standards as the guys...15 reps wasn't any harder or easier for ROK than it was for AS...in fact she did it a lot easier.
2. I don't care what sport people play...being a good well rounded athlete is the basis of every sport and mastery and control over your body weight is key to that.

I train athletes to be good athletes...it's their coaches job to make them good at their chosen sport.