Friday, May 9, 2008

He wants you to do what??

A lot of athletes on the whole have a really low expectations of their work capacity and much higher perceptions of difficulty of their training than is borne out in reality.

If I had a dollar for every time I told an athlete what I wanted them to do and they looked like I had asked them to donate me a kidney then I would have $987....actually let me rephrase that...can I have that in Euro's instead....the dollar absolutely stinks at the moment.

I've had a few mails from people saying that GL's program is ridiculous and asking how I can give that sort of a program to someone just starting back into training.

Well the reason is that through experience I know what athletes can do better than they do...this is why people coaching and training themselves do such a crap job of it but that's a whole other post entirely...I've loaded plates on a bar and said 'Do it!' and after arguing for 5 minutes and coming to agreement on the fact that...Yes, in all likelihood it will kill them and Yes, I will pass on the fact that in their last moments before they attempted the lift that they were thinking of their loved ones. That they get under the bar and do 'do it'...often to their own amazement but never to mine...I'm more amazed when on the rare occasion they don't 'do it'.

The thing is...I KNOW what GL is capable of and I KNOW that under that current fat mess of an exterior (believe's hideous) and the beaten up shoulders, smashed up back and dodgy hips that there is...well I was going to say a warrior...but then I thought it would sound like an infomercial...lets just put it this way...I know that in a few months time he'll be a completely different prospect entirely as an athlete and the proof will be here for everyone to see.

I'm not going to spring stuff on you on this blog...I'm going to lay it all out for you ahead of time....not just show you selected before and after photos and stories because that stuff is all garbage...that stuff really annoys me in the fitness industry. I want to put it all out there ahead of time so in three months time you can say....what happened to GL or anyone else that comes up here for that matter and get the unadulterated and unsanitised version of events.

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