Monday, May 12, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I was on my way home tonight...and I changed my mind about my blog post. I was going to show you all the good stuff and bin the not so good stuff but I keeping with the blog I will cut my nose off to spite my face and show you all the not so good stuff. I don't hide as a coach and my athletes don't hide...they miss and they try I am going to post these vids tonight in the knowledge that as sure as night follows day the lads will hit these perfectly in the not too distant future and I will post those vids then for comparison.

It wouldn't be fair though not to mention the positives so I'll start with them.

The Good
JM has gone from 116.4kg and 29.4% to 119.5kg and 28.5%
AS has gone from 93.4kg and 19.0% to 98.3kg and 17.8%
This is in the past 4 weeks...I'm sure someone will go back to where the original results are posted and tell me that it is actually 3 weeks or 5 weeks...but I think this is week 4 without checking.
The lads are both a week away from their next round of testing so we'll see how they get on then.

PC I've also posted about has finished his introductory program and we stepped it up a gear tonight. He gone from 84.7kg and 19.8% on the 22nd of April to 83.1 and 17.4% today...well done PC...the fun is only just about to begin.

The Bad
Well in fact it isn't so bad...but if I didn't put this down as bad it wouldn't go with my catchy title.

This is JM hitting 3 reps on his reverse band bench at 200kgs...this was his first real work set.

This is JM hitting 2 reps and missing his 3rd on his reverse band bench at 220kgs..

I decided I wouldn't show you the 3 before this where he hit his triples...because this is real life...we miss lifts.

JM is on an unloading/technical week...his session today was as follows:
Warm Up + Scap Chest Supported Shrugs + Scap Push Ups + Inverted Shrugs all for 2 or 3 sets of 12 (ask him which it was...I was busy) then 3 sets of his YTWL complex.

The reverse band benching. I think he warmed up at 100kg, 140kg and then a couple of sets at 180kg. Then his first work set was 200kg for 3 reps then he did 220kg for 3, 3, 2 and 1 I I was a full house tonight...and I was busy.

He followed this with Pendlay Rows for 5 sets of 12reps....and then I think he did 5 sets of 12 Natural Reverse Hypers and then cooled down. This week he'll just take it really easy and tool about a bit and get his head together for testing on Sunday.

The Ugly fairness...I've not seen many 'pretty' max effort deadlifts...this is AS hitting 200kg on the trap bar deadlift for a rep. He'd done 7 sets prior to this and was supposed to do 180kgs....when I said...'Why don't you throw 200kgs on just to beat DK'...I didn't need to say any more and neither did he...he stuck 200kg on and got it up...I like working with athletes like this. Now his forms not great...and I know that, he knows that and you all know it...but I thought not to show it would be a cop out...I'll post a vid of AS hitting a clean 200kg in the not to distant future I'm sure.

AS pulling 200kg on the trap bar deadlift.


Jason Lake said...

The 200kg DL may not be pretty but it aint too shabby either! Good work.

Will Heffernan said...

AS was actually just annoyed with himself for getting a little bent out of shape...but like I said...not bad indeed since it was a kamikaze set at the end of his 5 sets.

Michael Sullivan said...

This is an ugly deadlift. Never seen anyone fall over backward doing deads.

Patrick Crawford said...

Patrick Crawford & over 40's Programme.

The initial programme set up seemed really tough. After week 3 I was well able to handle the training and really felt the benifits. The training is simple. Week one is sore but after that you start to feel good and then great.

The fat loss is great. Brain is working better, I'm sleeping better, feeling stronger. Looking healthier. When I trained in the 80's none of the simple tools will uses were available. I recomend others 40+'s consider training a.s.a.p.

Now onto the next stage of training. If it's of value to you I'll keep you informed. Patrick

Ben said...

Will, what was JM's 1rm on bench last time you tested and pullup score? and what bands are you using? i know they are woodys but which ones?


Will Heffernan said...

Firstly...Patrick...good to see you posting mate and hope you keep dropping in because I'm sure there are a lot of clapped out old fella's like yourself who could do with getting back into the gym...shedding some lard and getting ready to give summer a good kicking...and you've a head start on them all.

I was going to go all 'guru' on you then for a laugh and see if it really annoyed people...I really have to work hard to resist the urge to 'mess' with people.

I will get JM to come here and answer your questions himself...not to fob you off but so you get it from the horses mouth so to speak (and JM is a horse). He is testing this weekend and he is going to kick the living crap out of his last PB...I'm guessing he'll hit 165kg' he has the strength to do more right now but I think he still needs to hone his technique a bit more (which we'll be working on tonight actually) because he slips out of his groove too easily at the moment amongst other things.

His testing results are up...go find them you lazy bastard.

They are large a guess I'd say they take 40kg off the bottom...maybe more...I don't really know and don't really care...but they were set to have no tension at the I said...JM is a horse and is horsing into his training...he'll bench 200kg raw this year and when he gets his knee tidied up he'll pull mid 200's and squat in the 200's. I'll take bets right now that JM will be the in best PB on the bench and squat in Irish rugby if he keeps his mouth shut (except for eating) and does what he's told.

I sent a mail out this morning because I don't think anyone actually has a clue how good those lifts were...go to Joe Defranco's site and order the videos by 'most viewed' there is one of Deon Anderson (Dallas Cowboy's Fullback) Reverse Band Benching 475lb for a single (albeit from the look of it with less band tension at the bottom than JM's) and well over 100,000+ people have viewed it...he's a pro athlete at a pro facility...with all the benefits that go with being a professional...JM's a kid playing U20's and doing accountancy (badly from what I've heard)at Uni who used to bench 140ish kg when he started with me.

Now look at Deon Anderson's single and keep in mind...I didn't bother to even 'put up' the 3 triples JM did before his 2nd last set (a double and a miss)or the last set (the single and a miss) keep in mind Deon got out an ugly single (we also don't know what he did before it) at 475lbs...JM's was doing 'reps' at 485lb's...never mind what the bands take off the bottom...that's a 220kg (485lb) lockout at the top no matter which way you cut it.
It is all down to him...he shut his mouth and did everything I asked of him (yes...he pissed and moaned about it most of the time...but he still did it)and he is going to reap the rewards of all his hard work.
I'll mail him and get him to come here and tell you what he thinks of what he's been doing...I know he's busy at the moment because we timed this technical week to coincide with his I hope he has his head in his books...but if and when he gets the chance I'll get him to chime in.

AS is testing this weekend as well and I can't wait to see what he does either...he's also done everything I asked of him and more...and I bet it'll show in his testing.

Ben said...

haha i was actually looking through the old posts just in case you had posted his results, damn they were there! and dont need to convince me the lift was impressive, im about same size with raw bench around 180 and i couldnt even triple 180 last time tried reverse band presses, i think just the single buried me - well i actually hate the feel of them andf havent bothered for ages i rather boards personally... regardless i was impressed, which is why i was interested in what his 1rm is, id say he will blow away the 150 from the 19/4 when you test him

Will Heffernan said...

I'm dead certain he'll blow away 150kg's without a shadow of a doubt.
Mate you wouldn't believe the mails I've had saying that 'it is so clear that they are fake plates' that it is all a 'set up' actually just makes me laugh. When I get a bit more organised and get a few things off my plate I'm going to make it so that coaches can come and see what we're doing and how we're doing it...I'd love to organise some seminars...weekend workshop type things because as I've often said to people...I could teach anyone 90% of the knowledge I use in a weekend....I'd like to see if it's make it a practical workshop/seminar...the here's what you do and here's how you do it type thing rather than some lecture on neural muscular activation and muscle fibre composition. I need to put some serious time into will also give people the opportunity to come and see if those plates are real...I'll even set up that reverse band bench and anyone who wants to lay under 220kgs can give it a go...we'll have an ambulance standing by naturally.
Good luck with you training...if you want to discuss it in the Training Discussion section and we'll toss it around.

Ben said...

a seminar would be great and id definately be there if it werent 16,000km away

my own training is in limbo atm, uni and work and shit gets in the way so im just doing what i can to get by and not loose ground (and occasionaly get some back) here and there

my own training is crap anyway, im better when i train other people, i dont make them do too much or ridiculous shit liek i have and still put myself through, i can be far more objective and i know when enough is enough (i think anyway)

Patrick said...

One other serious point. Guys over 40 always have 110 other reasons for not going to the gym. I train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I make the appointment with myself and honour the appointment. I know it’s clich├ęd but if you don’t make time no one else will.

I get asked how do you make time??

Just get organised. I leave work at 5.30pm on training days and go straight to the gym. Train and am finished at 7.30 pm still ready for family time etc. I do not engage in to much chat I get one with my programme.

What is really strange is that all other activities now fit into my new schedule.

Life is stressful and we need all the help we can get to handle stress. Believe me gym sessions help big time. They also help to reduce the risk of cancer, high blood pressure and the aging process. So guys find the time, get a programme. You’ll get back more than you put in.

One other big plus, you will know most of the guys in the gym. This makes it more enjoyable. Just leave your ego behind!!

johnny(JM) said...

Will asked me to come here and answer any questions people had so here i am

Will Heffernan said...

Anyone with questions for Johnny (JM) can post them here: