Monday, May 26, 2008

A bumper update

A big update and post tonight which naturally I'll drag out over hours.

Got a nice deadlift...a little 'piece' on scapular control and the testing and details regarding hour zero of my own project...I'm sure you are on the edge of your seats...I'd grab a stiff drink because it is going to get ugly...real ugly...and fairly hairy as well...and more than a little fat.

Johnny weighed in tonight...up 5kg's exactly since he started with me and his body fat is down slightly...he's going to be an absolute beast next season.

So firstly Chris did his testing session tonight I don't have all his details to hand but he performed as follows:

Weight: 68kg
Trap Bar Deadlift: 170kg
Bench Press: 100kg
Pull Ups: 14 reps
Push Ups: 65 reps
Inverted Rows: 34 reps

Chris pulling a tidy 170kg on the Trap Bar.

Chris is coming back from a pretty ugly ankle injury...this was his first testing session and he did a great job...nice work Chris!

Poor Scapular Control and Mobility
I get a lot of this with athletes just starting with me and I think it is a major reason why they post such poor initial upper body testing scores.

His Mark trying to do a full scap push up. I'll make sure to show you how much he's improved in a months time.

Mark's Scapular Retardation

This is Darren who has been doing these on certain days as a part of what you see labelled in programs as 'Warm Up & Mobility'...I basically give the guys a couple of warm up mobility exercises to do before they start there sessions depending on what their key exercise of the session is...this is one of those.

Daz acting as my crash test dummy so what can see what it should look like.

I use the camera a lot in my is much easier to 'show' an athlete what they are doing wrong...and just as importantly...what they are doing right than it is just to say it...I usually try to show them someone else doing it well also...much more effective than just verbally cuing...which I also do.

My own update is here in the athlete's blog...the same sort of rules that apply to swimming you should apply to my post....don't go in within an hour of eating.

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