Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The beauty is in the detail

Some of the best stuff here goes on in the 'comments' section...and rarely has much to do with me...I just thought I'd let the browsers know...I know there is also a lot of mindless drivel in there...but I kind of like that as well.

Not anything specific to update you on so I am going to go through a lot of catching up stuff.

We've made some decisions on the testing protocols. I think what we'll do is to break testing up into a beginning and end of testing session and also do a mid cycle test. I've been thinking of pushing my training cycles out to 6 weeks for a while so this will fit is nicely I think.

Basically we'll bookend the training cycles with the following testing:
1RM Trap Bar Deadlift
1RM Bench
Repetition maximum pull ups
Push Ups in 60 seconds
Inverted Rows in 60 seconds

In the middle of the training cycle we'll have a 'testing session' in which we'll do the following:
3RM Squat
Repetition maximum body weight bench
3RM Pull Ups

The reason being is that I think these are all good tests but obviously doing them all on a single day would be a real breaking them up this way makes sense and I think it will give us a good indication of everyone's gym based athletic balance.

I want to go through Hugh's stuff...I still haven't finished his about 15 others that are open on my desk top in a variety of states of completion...but I have a template in my head and he executed tonight's session really well.

He did some mobility work to start...some simple...or should I say partly simple and partly not so simple 'overs and unders' Hugh's a little tighter in one hip than the other...he has another solid week of gym based mobility work then I am going to strap him down to the table and MAKE him more flexible....whether he or his hips like it or not. I'll get someone to video this when we do might have to be rated R as a result of all the violence, foul language and screaming that will in all likelihood ensue...but I'm sure a lot of you will find it amusing. Then he did some band work....just looking at getting his hips firing away...I love the look Hugh gets every time he doesn't do something perfectly...I don't see that look often...but it always cracks me up.

Hugh pretending he's dancing stallion.

Then he did his trap bar work...3 warm up sets the built up to a heavy 6RM at 180kgs over 5 more looked a little too easy so I had him do another set at 190kgs after a good rest....only got 3...I guess that last set wasn't as easy as it looked. We did some weighted 45 degree hamstring/back extensions...basically we have the padding right down low on the thigh and do full back extensions...2 warm up sets of 8 and the 3 weighted sets of 8 reps...that was the entire session for him today.

Logi doing some RDL's with Hugh pulling 190kgs for reps in front of him.

Logi and Gus went at it hard tonight and I think they are both going to surprise when they do their testing next as they are really putting in the hard yards.

Logi and Gus...banging out their 8th 250m interval of 10 to finish their session.

They both seem to be getting into the swing of their program. If you have questions about it...ask them...and I'm sure they'll get back to you.

Plate shifting after pre fatigue work

Johnny did his fitness tonight...he knocked out the long intervals in 32 odd minutes...I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong. Then did his shoulder prehab work which consisted of the scap shrugs you see below...15 reps at 30kg, 45kg and 60kg followed by this Y,T,W,L shoulder complex.

Chest Supported Scap Shrugs

He did some high rep weighted ab pulldowns after this for 3 sets of 25 reps and then his band pullovers shown below...and that was it for him tonight.

Band Pullovers...after watching him do the worst windmills ever last night...I took it easy on him.

I'll upload the videos and come back and flesh out the details here and answer all the questions and respond to the comments.


Anonymous said...

Did you mislabel the video with the RDLs and "high pulls"? Doesnt look high enough to be high pulls and looks like a trap bar...

Will Heffernan said...

Anonymous said...
Did you mislabel the video with the RDLs and "high pulls"? Doesnt look high enough to be high pulls and looks like a trap bar...
I'll take it easy on the label for that video again!

Anonymous said...

Hahahah okay, sorry

Hugh pulling not hIgh pulling.


Will Heffernan said...

Anonymous said...

Hahahah okay, sorry
Hugh pulling not hIgh pulling.
No need to apologise...this is the one apologises here.