Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Someone who's progress (or lack thereof) you can follow

JM is on the 'list' for knee surgery...till then...we are going to do a 7 week training block. A three week ramp up with a 1 week unload then another 3 week ramp up with a couple of days off at the end before retesting.

I will post all Jonno's testing results from yesterday as well as his training plan for the next 7 weeks tonight.

Actually...roughly the plan will go something like this:

Session 1 - Max Effort Back Work
Warm Up & Mobility Work
Chins - Heavy
Chest Supported Rows
Incline DB Pressing

Session 2 - Repetition Effort Chest Work
Warm Up & Mobility Work
DB Floor Pressing
Single Arm Cable Rows
Shoulder Pressing

Session 3 - Repetition Effort Back Work
Push Ups
DB Rows
Back Extensions

Sesson 4 - Max Effort Chest Work
Board Pressing
Bent Over Rows
Close Grip Pulldowns
Arm Work

I'll come back and modify this template and get into the specifics later.

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